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Review | Its not a tale, the STM Myth Backpack is a godsend

STM Myth Backpack


Being a fan of STM Goods on multiple occasions before and with an impending trip to Florida coming up (what, you didn’t know 😉 ), I was keen to look at what STM had to offer when considering my “park backpack”. We have decided that rather than traipse around the Disney parks with one massive bag, we would all individually take a bag each thus spreading the load. Although I already have my STM Drifter backpack, its a monster and if I chose to bring that along, I could see Mrs F and the children filling my backpack and suddenly I’ve become the donkey of the group (no jokes around being an ass please). Therefore, looking for something lighter, and on the back of my STM Dapper Wrapper, my eyes were drawn to the STM Myth Backpack.


Coming in two different sized models, the 18L and the 28L, I opted for the 18L which for all intensive purposes the backpacks look almost identical to each other in style, offering the obvious differentiator of more space (and a slightly higher price). The STM Myth Backpack also comes in three different colours – Windsor Wine, Slate blue and my choice Granite Black.

The first thing to note is the stylish design of the backpack. The black and grey textured outing has a water repellent coating as well as zippers which are also reverse coiled to keep moisture out so there’s no need to panic if you find yourself stranded in the rain.


The shoulder straps are incredibly cushioned and the backpack benefits from an air channel between you and the bag so air can freely move through meaning there’s no need to worry about “sweaty back syndrome”. There’s even a luggage pass through to allow you to feed the bag through your suitcase handle and easily transport through airports or transport hubs.

Its all well and good having a great exterior though when its the inside that really counts and as always STM doesn’t disappoint. Inside you’ll being a fleece lined internal main pocket which can fit up to a 15″ laptop / device into it. This pocket, known as “sling-tech” by STM means your device is suspended in the middle of the bag meaning if you happened to drop your bag, your laptop would be the last thing to feel any impact and isolate it away from any bump zones (or corners to you and me).


Inside you’ll also find no less than 10 additional various sized pockets (1 zipped) to keep all your tech, documents and more in. There’s also a hand cable run clip system with a passthrough meaning you can store something such as a pocket pack inside your bag, route cables tidily through your bag (using the cable clips inside) and through a small cable hole to allow access in on of the two eternal zipped pockets and charge your mobile devices. The other pocket on the outside is also fleeced lined so perfect for things such as your sunglasses or mobile phone where you want to keep them nice and free from any scratches.

In terms of what you can fit into the bag, I easily fitted in my Macbook 13 inch laptop, my iPad, a pair of wireless headphones, my STM Dapper wrapper containing all my cables, GoPro’s, spare batteries and SD cards, my MacBook charger and still had space for loads more.


I guess my only criticism is that on the outside I would have liked some kind of bottle holder which although I can completely understand mixing electronics with liquids isn’t ideal, purely for a personal reason and because I plan to use it around the Disney parks, a bottle holder would have been great.


Nevertheless, the STM Myth Backpack is both a style yet incredible functional bag and I can’t wait to use it during our adventures as well as not falling foul of ‘ tangled cable hell’ like I did last time I travelled abroad.


The STM Myth Backpack can be purchased from Amazon right now and for more information of all the STM Myth range, I’d check out the STM Goods webpage now.


Until next time