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Review | Is LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester worth it?

It was H’s birthday last weekend, I can’t believe he is 8 years old as it only feels like yesterday Mrs F and I was walking the streets multiple times a day trying to get him to sleep, as well as trying to stop his constant crying (which later was discovered as being Silent Reflux). As we are off to America in a few weeks, we always agreed there would be no party this year but would have a family day out. Originally  planning a visiting our local Favourite Alton Towers only for Storm Hannah to wash our plans aways, we instead was VERY lucky LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester stepped in at last minute to offer us a visit there.

We are big lovers of LEGO as well as having been fortunate enough to experience several LEGO focus events over the years so I knew this was a great alternative and being indoors meant we didn’t need to worry about the weather outside. We had been before though, granted 2 years ago, but having seen many of the displays and attractions, I would be lying if I wasn’t concerned we’d be finished in a couple of hours and on our way home.

First thing to mention is its really advisable to book, yes you can turn up on the day and chance it but LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester only allow so many in to ensure its not crazy busy for those there so make sure you book online (you also save money too). Its also worth noting that this place typically only allows adults in with a child (unless its one of their special adults only nights) so you’ll need to take your child (or a relatives child).


Inside you are greeted with the option of purchasing an activity lanyard for your little ones, costing £4 its a bargain as it includes stickers, puzzles, LEGO facts and places for the all important LEGO stamps which are posted around the centre. Both children had one and loved seeking out the stamp stations where they can stamp their own lanyards and collect them all, it also helps to ensure you don’t miss any of the areas too.

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester

Once inside there’s various informative zones, rides, a mini-land featuring Manchester local attractions such as Manchester Cathedral as well as soft play, build stations, creative workshops with the teams master builders as well as a 4D cinema and the all important LEGO shop.


As mentioned earlier, I was worried it would only last around 2 hours given its size however since we last visited, they’ve added several things including a new ride, Merlins Attraction where the fast your peddle, the higher your ride cart goes. There’s also several animation areas where you can mix technology with LEGO and create your own animated mini films.

There’s a brand new Ninjago area with redesigned 3 story soft play area, a rotating lego climbing wall and a Ninjago Skills area where your little people can practice their reaction times (as well as parents too 😉 ).


The centre have also kept their popular attractions too like the Interactive Kingdom Quest laser shooting ride, which I obviously won 🙂 as well as the 4D Cinema combining epic LEGO 3D along with some added smoke, water and even snow effects (Parent tip – get your kids to sit in the middle).


The children loved the LEGO City: Forest Ranger Pursuit ride where the children get to ride in LEGO City Police cars around a track… I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to other parents / children for D’s driving… just like her mum.

The children also loved building their own cars and testing them out by racing them down the ramps and timing each others creations.


There is a cafe there which does sell hot and cold drinks, children’s lunch meal deals as well as panini’s and several confectionary snacks so you don’t need to get hungry. In-fact if you get a good seat, you can sit and watch your little ones enjoying the build stations whilst you enjoy a costa coffee so everyones a winner.

We enjoyed a good 4.5 hours there without actually experiencing everything so could have quite easily have stayed longer however given it was a busy Saturday, we were restricted to how long we could stay (5hrs) so made our way home having an extremely fun day and managing to dodge the weather, other than walking to the car in the free car park outside.


Its worth noting that LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester have a fab deal on whereby you can purchase a 2019 pass online for only £5 more expensive than you’d pay for a day ticket online and the same price you’d pay if you paid for a walk in ticket, £16.95 which allows you to unlimited visits for the rest of the year (excluding a couple of dates) which in my eyes as awesome value as the Trafford Centre is only a walkway away and having this would be my idea of heaven as Mrs F could shop her heart away in the Trafford Centre whilst the Children and I enjoy additional visits to the discovery centre… no stress for everyone! For more information on ticket prices as well as some great Parent and Toddler tickets, check out the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester site now.


We will definitely be back to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester and we definitely not leave it so long in the future.


Until next time