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Review | HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 17-AB405NA

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 17-ab405na

Gaming on a laptop; well if you exclude Football Manager (since the Champ Manager days), Theme Park / Hospital and Doom, isn’t something I have ever considered. I’ve always swayed towards my traditional consoles, purely down to the fact it felt right. By that, I mean having a console was considerably cheaper, there was no need to install games before they could be played and graphics were typically better as well. Nowadays though, console prices are much more comparable, you still end up “installing” said game on a console and the fact its a given for many to also have a laptop for everyday use; why not just combine the two. All things appliances, electronics and obviously gaming, online giants tried to tempt me into seeing if a gaming laptop was for me with the HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 17-AB405NA.

If you ask anyone to name a laptop maker I would possibly* stake my expensive Mortgage on them picking Hewlett Packard (HP) as one of the top brands. Its renowned for all things PC so what better brand to test my console love against than this 17 inch monster. (*don’t take me up on that)

In terms of the technical specs, some of the headliners include:

  • 8th gen Intel core i5 quad processor
  • 8GB Ram
  • 1TB Hard Drive
  • 17.3inch Full HD Screen
  • 2GB dedicated GeForce GXT 1050 Graphics Card
  • B&O Play Sound System

Looking at the main specification alone you know the HP 17-AB405NA is an awesomely powerful machine capable of running all the top games including ones like Fortnite, Fallout 4 and Assassins Creed.

Having played quite a bit of Fortnite as of late (yes I’m down with the kids), I thought I’d give it a go on the gaming laptop to see how it stacked up in comparison to my current console and to be honest, after I waited what felt like an eternity for it to download (thanks to my ever slow broadband), it played almost identical to my console version.

The quality of the visuals were held on par thanks to the HD screen being able to output resolution in 1080p and the GeForce GXT 1050 Graphics card ensured both a clear and smooth viewing / loading experience being able to support up to 60FPS at full HD with no lag which is pretty good considering this HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop would typically be considered on the lower end of the price chart, coming in at £799 over on right now.

I would say there are couple of noticeable omissions from this gaming laptop though such as a backlit keyboard, Solid state drive (SSD) and something I still can’t get used to, no touchscreen. These are compensated however by a mega 11 hour battery, an anti glare screen, a multi-touch trackpad as well as HPs “Fast Charge” meaning the device can go from 0-50% charged in just 30 minutes.


Aside from the obvious gaming elements, this laptop has the ability to absolutely motor everyday tasks as an everyday laptop thanks to being loaded with the latest Windows 10 system and having such amazing core specs. Load up times were mega quick, hard drive space was in abundance and both viewing and sound elements were on par with any TV or dedicated sound system.

It does weigh a brick at 3.1kg but I’d expect nothing less given the amount its packing inside, complete with a DVD writer, SD card slot, 3 x USB 3.0 ports, ethernet and HDMI ports this laptop really does not only put a massive tick in the everyday use box but more importantly it goes pound for pound with standalone consoles when it comes to gaming.


Would I switch? If I could get used to the controls when in a battle royal in Fortnite, yes. But for now, the fact I keep getting eliminated far too much than I do with my favoured console, I might take a little longer to convert.


For find out more about the HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 17-AB405NA as well as a range of both gaming and everyday laptops, check out


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NB: I was kindly gifted with the HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop in the aforementioned review in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own and if you have any further questions please feel free to drop me a message.