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Review | Hoover Dynamic Next Advance WDXOA4106 Washer Dryer

It constantly feels like our washer and dryer are always on. Being a family of four, all with differing clothing requirements mean multiple washes throughout the week. More recently throw into that the addition of Mrs F’s Dads washing (due to an end of life washer at his) and it can feel like Dot’s launderette here. When offered to step in and provide the Hoover Dynamic Next Advance WDXOA4106 Washer Dryer in exchange for an honest review and it meant at the very least we could reduce our washing by 20%.

The Hoover Dynamic Next Advance WDXOA4106 Washer Dryer is a 1400rpm machine with an impressive 10KG washing capacity and a 6KG drying capacity so is more than large enough for a middle size family and the 10KG drum means it can even fit a 13tog duvet for washing.

Due to tight space in my father in laws house, we opted for the additional options of having AO disconnect his old machine, install the new Hoover Washer Dryer and also take away the now defunct washer, although this is a paid for service, its worth considering if you are both able to perform these duties yourself or quite frankly you wish to save yourself a trip to the recycle centre as having this was a welcome breeze. The delivery guys even gave it a quick test run before they left making sure everything worked and more importantly nothing leaked too.

In terms of the washer dryer it has everything that you’d expect it to have;

  • multiple functions (12 pre set programmes),
  • ability to customise the pre set washes by changing temperatures and spin speeds,
  • adding drying onto the end of the cycle,
  • delaying the start so its just completes as you get home,
  • child lock,
  • time remaining until the end of the cycle,
  • 4 drying variances

What it also has is the ability to use a massive catalogue of additional and more specific programme cycles too such as shirts, cuddly toys, playsuits, bathrobes, trainers and even chocolate stains all delivered via your mobile phone… there is one catch though, you need to have an Android Smartphone with NFC (near field communication) capabilities. Sadly Apple users, this means that you can’t access these additional features. Thankfully for yours truly, having recently made the move from Apple to Android I was able to test out these functions which really does add the element of customisation to the next level and boy is it easy to do so too.


Simply download the Hoover Wizard app and once registered, sync your washer dryer to your phone by just following a set of simple instructions end in simply holding your phone up against the LED screen and just like contactless payments, the washer accepts your wash cycle and begins upon closing the washer door.

Although this feature is fantastic for me, it does exclude both Mrs F and her Dad (both iOS users) so I’m sure once the novelty has worn off, I’ll be left frustrated at having to be the one who can only start customised washes. Personally I do feel it would have been better suited to have built in WiFi like some of the others on the market allowing all to be able to access the washer as well as being able to access it when outside of the home too.


In terms of both the washing and drying functions themselves, I can’t fault them, the motor is very quiet (certainly compared to the old one) and the dryer functions, whether that be iron, cupboard or air dry, all perform exceptionally.


The Hoover Dynamic Next Advance WDXOA4106 Washer Dryer’s energy rating isn’t too shabby either, this is an A rated appliance meaning that if you were just to use the washing machine function, it would cost a mere £35 a year to run. That cost is obviously heightened when you factor in the dryer function to around £150 per year. One thing which will help keep cost down though is the built in “fuzzy logic” which to you and me means it weighs the load in the washer and adjust the preset times accordingly in comparison to mean each wash or dry is efficient as possible.


Overall having used it well as well as seeking my father in law’s opinion too, the washer dryer works really well WITHOUT having the additional option of connecting to an Android phone, its efficient, washes and dries really well removing stains with ease and is quiet… everything you’d hope for with a washer dryer. That said I still can’t help thinking if I was an iOS user, I’d feel I was missing out on the added functionality but equally if you are an Android user, you are quids in!!

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NB: I have been provided with the Hoover Dynamic Next Advance WDXOA4106 Washer Dryer machine in exchange for an honest review. All opinions remain my own.