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Review | Hisense 65 inch 4k Ultra HD TV H65N5300

Its officially the countdown to Christmas, there I said it! Our instagram feeds have passed the pumpkin farms and the grainy fireworks photo’s are slowly going (thank heavens for that) however if like me, you are a gadget geek, there’s one more date to look out for on the calendar before the big hairy man in the red coat visits… Black Friday (or Cyber Monday too for that matter). To co-inside with the forthcoming Tech sales, I’ve been gifted with a Monster Television to review, the Hisense 65 inch 4K Ultra HD TV H65N5300.

Typically the day after Thanksgiving (the forth Thursday of November), Black Friday is regarded in the US as the start of the Christmas shopping season with its name taken from the sheer volume of traffic which would typically occur on the day following Thanksgiving…. Think of it like Boxing Day and the amount of people trying to get into the Next clothing sale at 5am…. it also is said to have derived from when retailers eventually turned a profit (from the Red into the Black) thanks to the uplift in sales in preparation for Christmas.

Personally I’m not one for queuing up at the crack of dawn in the cold November to attempt to should barge fellow bargain hunters for the latest gadget bargains and much rather bag myself a bargain from the comfort of behind my laptop choosing to stalk the sales such as’s Black Friday offering.’s offering seems to grow year upon year and rather than just your typical white appliances, they now sell Televisions, Computers, Gadgets and more so I was chuffed to bits when I was asked if I’d like to take a look at the Hisense monster TV.

Take a look at my review below:

Overall, I think the TV is cracking value (even before any potential Black Friday discounts šŸ˜‰ ), it certainly is a monster so its worth checking not only if it will fit in the area you want it to but also will “look” right too. Often Mrs F has to reign my impulsive gadget radar in a little with some cold hard practical facts which as much as its annoying at times, she is often right (hopefully she won’t read this). The picture quality when watching in 4K Ultra HD is amazing, and the detail really stands out. Likewise the handle upscaling feature which converts any non 4K picture to Ultra HD works really well too and really enhances your viewing.

I do have a couple of complaints with the Television though, firstly, the lack of bluetooth, with more and more of us looking for easy retro fit devices, having something a simple as bluetooth installed allows you to have a wire free sound bar should you wish, particularly useful if you are thinking fo putting the TV on the wall and sightly wires isn’t your thing. The second issue is the simplicity of the interface. As mentioned in the review, although for some, the simple menu’s may be a blessing, for me, I look for a more modern looking interface to give me confidence I have a premium TV and I think HiSense have missed a trick in reassuring those who purchase the TV that not only is the picture of premium quality, the whole brand and TV is equal to that.

I’m being honest, I wouldn’t have picked out Hisense as a brand I would have bought when looking for TVs however its certainly one I would consider moving forward and many of their other products too.


Keep your eyes open on Black Friday micro site for offers and who knows, maybe you can be the proud owner of a Hisense 65″ 4K Ultra HD TV like me.


Until next time




NB: I was provided the above mentioned TV in exchange for an honest review. All opinions remain my own.