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Review | Hallmark DC Super Heroes Itty Bittys Collection

Having previously written about these little 5 inch cute and cuddly characters, known as Itty Bittys, previously, in the guise of the Star Wars collection, of which all of these have been claimed by H, a was thankful when Hallmark were in touch again recently offering us another set, this time its the DC Superhero Girls collection and perfect for our own little superhero, D.

Our children amaze us on a daily basis, developing their own personalities and finding their way in life, H being rather technology focused tends to be quite cautious (we sometimes call him Safety Steve) however when it comes to D, she is the complete opposite… daring, loud, fierce and afraid of nothing, very much like many of the DC Superhero girls.

Within our set we were given Super-Girl, Wonder Woman, Bat Girl and Harley Quinn, all of which are extremely well made and very much in keeping with the existing cute and cuddly collection.


The moment D saw these, she instantly fell in love and claimed them for her own, knowing all well that H already had his own set… that said I also know H wanted them for his own to add to his existing collection… I’m sure they’ll be a battle of good vs….. Star Wars soon.

My personal favourite of the collection would have to be Harley Quinn, although traditionally seen as a bad girl in the superhero series, how could you not like her when turned into an Itty Bitty? With prices around ¬£6.50 per character, it makes a great price to start a collection… as well as looking great as bedroom accessories. The DC Super Heroes Itty Bittys characters are available now and for more information check out the Hallmark site now.

I really want to collect the full collection and have even seen some life size Itty’s so I may have to have a little word in Mrs F’s ear…. ūüôā


Until next time



NB: We were provided with a set of four Itty Bittys characters from the new DC Super Heroes Itty Bitty Collection in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own.