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Review: Gro-hush Baby Calmer

When Gro Company asked us if we would like to review their revolutionary Gro-Hush with D, we jumped at the chance. Especially given our experiences with H when he was born…


I cast my mind back to when H was born and the months following this, I get a cold shiver at the thought of his undiagnosed silent reflux and the months we spent as worried first time parents thinking parenting was so different to how we imagined it. This was mainly due to the fact H would cry endlessly day after day and despite several visits to the doctors (always being told it was colic) we were left with the only option but to walk the streets with him until he fell sleep. That was until we discovered white noise.


White noise, for those that have never heard of it, sounds like an old school television or radio being tuned in and the annoying sound it would make until you found your station. Well this to small babies is like nectar and has a miracle affect on calming them. Whether this is via some kind of voodoo / hypnotic / alien message I’m unsure but what I do know was that it was our savior until Mrs F and I self diagnosed H and finally got the medicine to relive the little poor man.


Once we stumbled upon white noise, we set upon mis-using our poor beloved Dyson by leaning it up again the wall near to H and he would settle and calm. However when we went out and about we obviously couldn’t take our hoover with us so was equally happy to find an iPhone app which did the same. This did worry us though as having our phone so close to the little one wasn’t great and although we could turn off our signal, it did then mean we were uncontactable to anyone else. We stuck with it until we finally got H diagnosed with silent reflux but still used our new found secret weapon to settle him if we ever had any issues with him being over tired or needed him to drop off quickly.


Fast forward 3 and a half years later and D was born, instantly showing signs of silent reflux (apparently it can run in the family), this time though we were prepared and with the help of the health visitor got medicine prescribed from the early off. We were still massively happy to have the opportunity to use the Gro-Hush, a handheld, portable white noise soother.

Packed in a handy plastic travel case, with a washable cover, this portable white noise soother is great for use both in the home and on the go, something which we struggled with when we had H. The Gro-Hush is also fantastic as the noise is only heard when your ear is pressed against it (set at a safe level for small babies) and therefore you don’t have to have a constant ssound of noise wherever you are.


In order to be able to use both hands when cuddling / holding your baby the Gro-Hush has a handy loop which you slip over your hand to still be able to maintain a natural cradling position and not having to worry whether your beloved phone was going to drop on the floor and smash.

The hush has three different white noise sounds to cater for different preferences (heart beat, ocean waves or rain falling on a tin roof) and only takes 3 x AAA batteries which seem to last forever as we haven’t had to change ours yet and have used it for a few weeks now. Finally, there is a handy 10 minute auto cut off so if, like us, your older toddler wants to play with it, you know the worst they can do it to leave it playing for 10 minutes max.


After a couple of uses, D soon settled into the white noises and as per the video below, it began to work its magic….



We are extremely impressed with the Gro-hush and would definitely recommend it to new parents as well as an ideal gift for those not familiar with it.


For more information about the Gro-Hush, visit the Gro-company website at The Hush is available from the Gro-Company and other retailers for around £34.99.


NB: This review was written by myself and is an honest review of my experience using the product. The Gro-Hush was provided by the Gro-Company to keep in exchange for a video showing my experience.