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Review | Gandeys Circus 2019


Roll up, roll up! If like me you’ve never been to the circus before (well last year was my first time ever), then now is the time to visit, as the class act that is Gandeys Circus is back in town. With their “Greatest Show” tour the theme of this year’s performance, you’ll get to see a variety of NEW and even BETTER acts than their fantastic performance last year.

Last week we were kindly gifted with tickets to visit one of their performances in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire. The striking Red and White Big Top and the smell of candy floss and popcorn gave me all the feels before we’d even got inside.


It was jam packed but even though we were on the back row, the fact it’s not massive means you still feel incredibly close to the main action. With amazing acts from all over the world under one roof (or big top) meant we were spoilt for choice when picking a favourite…. There were crazy Cubans who were flipping all over the place, the ‘rubber man’ who can twist and turn himself into so many positions which shouldn’t be possible.. with many of the crowd having one of those ‘I can’t watch, but can’t stop watching‘ moments, then there is some of the most amazing aerial ballet which just leaves you mesmerised.

The show runs for a good two hours so there’s plenty to enjoy as well as a handy interval in the middle to stock up on those all importantly food and drinks.



The second half of the show picks up just how the first one leaves, with more death defying acts including a new way to use those redundant gym balls you have lying around, the spinning space wheel as well as the main event of the night, the death defying ‘Globe of Death‘ which involves three motorcycles in a small metal ball riding around at speeds which can only be described as lightning…


Oh course any circus wouldn’t be complete without a clown and Chico Rico plays the role incredible well, entertaining the crowd throughout. He not only includes some extremely funny crowd participation but also leaves you in stitches during the quick act changes too.



All of this without so much as a safety rope in sight, these performers are amazing.



Gandeys Circus is touring the UK now with a range of ticket prices to suit all budgets so if you want to laugh, be mesmerised, have your hands cover your eyes and even bit your nail like a nervous wreck then be sure to get your tickets booked up now.


Until next time