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Review: My First Baby Annabell Let’s Play #NationalBabyDay

Today is #NationalBabyDay, which whilst there are a heap of days titled up for some of the wonderful pastimes, a day to celebrate the beautiful process of bringing a baby into the world in comparison to the rest isn’t such a bad name day. To celebrate, and as D is getting very much into caring and looking after her present dolly collection, we were sent a My First Baby Annabell Let’s Play from Baby Annabell (well not her but the creators, Zapf Creation who make them).


We’ve never been one to actively promote which toys both our children should play with, however for some reason, D has really taken to looking after and caring for her dolls, right from a young age. Now she’s getting on for 20 months, she really do enjoy all elements of interactive play with them, from having tea parties, feeding them bottles, giving them their dummies, stripping them off, and putting their clothes on again (repeated 200 times) as well as pretending Daddy is a dolly and making me cry whilst ramming a dummy or bottle in my mouth…. Its fascinating to watch them develop augmentin online canada their understanding and imagination skills and I really do enjoy her feistiness of throwing them in and out of a pram when they don’t quite sit right… although obviously don’t advocate that ourselves 🙂

My First Baby Annabell Let’s Play is an interactive doll which not only makes sleeping noises when you lay the doll horizontal, it can also giggle when you tickle (press) under its arms and even burp when you turn them on their side. Three very simple things but in just having three, it really allows your little one to focus and develop their empathy and sense of responsibility skills… something her brother could benefit from given at times he wishes he had ear defenders whilst D is around….

The doll is made of a soft body so again, if your little one has a tendency to give it a swing from time to time, its not going to harm any windows, ornaments or brothers 🙂 It also comes with a removable romper suit (we are on our 435th strip down and re-cloth) as well as a bottle, dummy and little toy, although the latter is a little too small for her so has been put away until she gets bigger.

D really took to the interactive side of the doll and enjoys the feedback she gets from doing certain things such as tickling the doll. For all parents, its worth also noting the all important “on/off” switch is easy to get to so you don’t have to freak out when you hear snoring coming from the toy basket during Game of Thrones…

Baby Annabell

Open Please Daddy

Priced around £29.99 is isn’t cheap however the quality and the interactive features make this a great doll from any child over 1.


We are swiftly building up our collection of dolls and I’m sure we’ll soon be creating our own nursery for them… if only I could charge the prices we pay at present but thats a whole different story…


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NB: We were provided with a My First Baby Annabell Let’s Play doll in exchange for an honest review and all opinions remain mine (well mainly through watch D but you get the picture)