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Review | Epson EcoTank ET-2650 Printer

Epson EcoTank ET-2650 Printer

Since we moved house just near on three and a half years ago, we made sure that we didn’t bring things to our new home that we didn’t need, Mrs F has a habit of keeping things “just in case” whereas I’m pretty brutal when it comes to decluttering. One of the things which went was an old inkjet printer, every house has one, where the ink costs more than the printer. Typically you buy a printer and then when it comes to buying new replacement ink and you see the price, and well it dies a slow death until your print outs are coloured yellow (the only ink remaining) and you decide you can make do without one. This is pretty much where we have been for the past few years, however H is getting to the age where homework is a regular occurrence and well, that delivery label or the odd complaint letter you need to print out has got a bit too much, so up steps the Epson EcoTank ET-2650 Printer with its promise of 3 years worth of ink included and cheap refills after that.

Let that sink in…. 3. Years. Worth. Of. Ink. Included….


Okay, I’m probably being a little mellow dramatic above when setting the scene above as despite us being out of the printer market for some time, I’ve noticed that printers have started to think about the cost of such refills and hopefully the environmental impact of all those printers made obsolete, simply because it was just as cost effective to buy a complete brand new one rather than the replacement inks. Out on the market now, you have subscription based services as well as more eco friendly options.

Thankfully Epson fall into the eco friendly category, and when they saw me moaning on Twitter about a cheap and cheerful subscription based printer I’d recently bought which wasn’t playing ball (printing in the middle of the night), they reached out with the claim that their ECO-Tank Printers have ink included which typically lasts up to 3 years and would I like to see if it stood up to the test. I was more than happy to check it out. After all, once H gets to know how to print, I can see him wanting to print out all too regularly. Don’t be disappointed though, this isn’t a 3 years later post…. ūüėČ

I was gifted with an Epson¬†EcoTank ET-2650 Printer to put to the test. With an RRP of around ¬£180, its not in the cheap and cheerful category which I’d previously sourced however along with the “3 years worth of ink” it was also an all singing, all dancing multifunction A4 printer.

It comes with the following functions:

  • Printing (obvs)
  • Scanning
  • Copying
  • Two sided printing (very handy)
  • Wireless printing (even more handy)
  • Air-print (the ability to print off your smartphone)
  • Email print – the ability to email and special email address to print off at home, wherever you are (cool but probably won’t use)
  • SD card reader (good for printing photo’s)

As you can see from above, it enjoys printing from wherever and whatever you tend to use, whether that’s a PC/Laptop, a smartphone or tablet, the internet or even memory cards.

For us, the fact its wireless means we can pop it in the office and even hide it away if we wanted to, although this printer does look pretty nice thanks to its LCD display and square like appearance. It was also incredibly easy to set up both on the windows and mac laptops we have in our house, we didn’t even need to install any additional software as both types of computers located the necessary drivers and installed it in a matter of minutes. For smartphones and tablets, its just there, as if by magic (well once its connected to your home wireless network) although there is an Epson app which is useful for non standard prints you want to do on your phone as well as checking on ink levels.

On the glorious subject of ink levels, the reason for Epson’s crow about 3 years worth of ink, thats down to the fact this is a cartridge free printer and instead has ink tanks which are filled with ink, although this means the printer is a little larger (not much than traditional multifunctional printers, it means it can store more ink. The official figures which the ink tanks can deliver are 4,000 blank ink pages and 6,500 colour ink pages, I work that out to be around 100 pages of black ink and 180 colour pages a month!!

I mean I expect H to be a little keen with his printing but not that keen. If you halved that usage, you’d easily make it last six years and when you work out the overall cost of the printer over six years it means you’d be paying ¬£30 a year for a printer and its ink! Amazing value. Refills aren’t expensive either, at around ¬£7.99 a bottle which again gives you just as much use again.¬†In terms of installing the inks, it’s not fiddly or complicated at all, simply unscrew the ink bottle cap and squeeze it into the respective ink tanks and pop the lid back on.

Print quality is another factor for many in buying printers and I would say that this obviously is not laser printer quality so don’t expect floor-less printing. It does print at a decent¬†5,760¬†x¬†1,440¬†DPI but when printing A4 sized photo’s onto your bog standard A4 paper, you aren’t going to have glossy style prints. What it does give you is a consistent standard of printing which is more than adequate for letters, delivery labels and all of H’s homework, and therefore is perfect for us as a family and means it will not only last for a long time, it will also mean another printer won’t be confined to the local recycling centre (aka the Tip) anytime soon.

For more information on Epson’s ECO-Tank printers and for all the specs and more on this Epson¬†EcoTank ET-2650 Printer then check out the Epson Printer site now.


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NB: We were gifted with an Epson EcoTank ET-2650 Printer in exchange for an honest review, all opinions remain my own.