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Review | Dyson Pure Cool DP04 Desk Air Purifier

Dyson Pure Cool DP04 Desk Air Purifier

Its always around this time of year which I find so bittersweet… Spring is breaking, baby lambs are being born, the snow and frost is at an end (well normally), the air becomes warming (again, normally) and the beautiful tree blossom is blooming……horrific!!! Yes, you heard me, as much as the tree blossom looks lovely, its the signal that for the next 6 weeks I’ll be wanting to scratch my eyes out, Mrs F will be wanting to strangle me after the thirtieth sneeze and Kleanex will be making a killing, that is until I was offered the change to review the Dyson Pure Cool DP04 Desk Air Purifier from the lovely

We all take for granted the air which we breathe and although on the whole we can go about our day to day duties without any issues, except if you live in that London which is full of “ye ol’ soot and smog” some, like myself are particularly prone to allergies and therefore being able to breathe in clean air really does give you a welcomed relief.

The Dyson Cool Pure DP04 Desk Air Purifier does exactly this, not only does its 360 degree HEPA glass filter stop all things pollen and allergens, it also filters things such as bacteria, mould, industrial emissions and a wrath of others. Theres also an activated carbon filter which takes care of any gases too.

In fact, Dyson claim it eliminates 99.95% of allergens and pollutants in the air!!!

As well as it looking absolutely amazing, this air purifier works by sucking in the rooms air at a rate of 290 litres per second, filtering any harmful allergens and pollutants and then projecting it back out through its blade-less fan system (or Air Multiplier Technology if you want to get smart) so provides both a fan and air purifier in one.

Dyson have been making these for a while but whats different with the new DP04 model is the fact that as well as having an LED screen showing real time air quality information, the air multiplier technology part is now able to project the purified air back out through the back of the fan meaning you don’t need to worry about freezing in the colder months.

The fan oscillates 350 degrees as well as being able to be tilted 10 degrees forward or backwards so air can be circulated around the whole room. It is also operated via the included remote as well as being able to be controlled by your smartphone via the Dyson Link app.

Using the app, I can see historic data of the various allergens and pollutants it detects as well as schedule the purifier to come on and off and even activate “night mode” as I go sleep . This means the fan won’t use higher speed fan settings and wake me in the night.

It is a fairly sizeable unit considering its marketed as a desk fan, however it doesn’t look out of place on the floor or in your office so I’d plug for this one rather than the floor/tower model (TP04) if you had the choice.


I really love seeing how the fan operates to clean the air in our home and the auto mode is great in letting the DP04 to control all its variables such as fan speed and oscillation as it detects any spikes in the air such as Mrs F’s hair spray or a rogue gas as I walk past (if you know what i mean) ūüėČ

Although it looks fantastic, its also amazing to see the real time data, and understand how various gases are harmful but appreciate that thanks to the filtering of the Dyson Pure Cool, I don’t need to worry for long.

A couple of things I’m not too keen on… the remote, albeit is great and compact, is stored via a magnet on the top of the circular fan which just looks weird, it really doesn’t help the aesthetics of the air purifier and is a bit of a disappointment given Dyson being renowned for their design qualities. I’m also inclined to say the price is pretty hefty at ¬£399 and that does include both filters, these are replaceable though and although I clearly haven’t got to that point yet, they aren’t cheap. That said, given how much I’ve spent on various hay fever remedies and tissues, I’m hoping these are offset by this, I’m also hoping the fact it kills bacteria means we’ll experience less sickness in the house but at the moment that is an unknown.

I would say I have seen a noticeable difference in my hay fever whilst in the house since having the Dyson Pure Cool DP04 Desk Air Purifier though and the fact its a sexy looking piece of tech, its controlled via smartphones (and even Alexa), its always going to be a winner in my eyes.


For more information on the Dyson Pure Cool DP04 Desk Air Purifier as well as other Dyson related products, check the link above.


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NB: I was provided with the Dyson Pure Cool DP04 Desk Air Purifier by the lovely team at in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own.