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Review: Dyson Cordless DC35 Animal

Having purchased our first Dyson over 6 years ago, I’ve been a converted fan ever since. So when Black Friday came, Mrs F and I spotted a fantastic deal at Argos for the cordless DC35 Animal which not only had £100 discounted from the main price, it also included a free Dyson accessories package worth £56, Bargain!

Having reserved the product using Argos’ very nifty app, we popped along and collected it before the weekend was out…. I am not one of those who loves to queue up at midnight.


Out of the box, the Dyson works straight away (minus the fact you have to charge it first though) but as you’d expect, its easy to set up and comes complete with four attachments (mini motorised, combination, crevice and main head tool) as well as the docking station which is idea for storing on your kitchen or utility room wall.

Dyson DC35 Attachements

The Dyson has a 3.5 hour charge time with the output being 15 minutes of use. This is plenty if, like us, you are using it to give a room a quick once over following the little ones mess, or a one over of the stairs etc, however it does restrict you if you were planning on buying this as your main hoover.

The suction of the DC35 is exactly what you’d expect with a Dyson, excellent, this is down to its trademarked Root Cyclone technology as featured in all the Dyson catalogue. It even has a handy turbo suction function for removing those touch to reach areas, this does however reduce your battery life but again its extremely buy zithromax handy to ensure your surfaces are spotless.

Dyson DC35 Motorhead

The cordless itself it extremely light, weighing in at 2.2kg’s which in real terms is 2 bags of sugar and doesn’t feel like your carrying a small child around when cleaning. The only downside I would say about this is that in order to operate the DC35, you need to keep your finger constantly on the trigger button, this, after a little while, can get a little tiring.

The bin volume is 0.35l which although doesn’t sound much, it is plenty for the average clean”ish” house and also does mean you can’t be lazy about emptying it. The hygienic empty function though means with one press of a button, the contents are safely deposited into the bin with ease.

Dyson DC35 Closeup

As with all Dyson cleaners, you get a 2 year parts and labour warranty, although as said above, I still have my ageing DC24 main vacuum which still shows no signs of packing up so I believe the Cordless will far outlive the warranty.


Overall OneDadOneBlog recommends this as a fab addition to your existing vacuum, ideal if you have children, pets or messy others and great for that quick clean meaning you don’t have to drag your main vacuum out for just a little mess. Although the run time is relatively short, this hasn’t affected my view or usage as the handy docking station means it always remains charged up ready for action. If your looking for a quick no fuss way to rid those crumbs and mess, look no further than the DC35