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DC Super Friends

Although yesterday was H’s birthday, its today, 28th April which is in fact National Superhero Day, despite our eldest considering himself to claim fame to being a superhero. In line with this, Golden Bear Toys have teamed up with Warner Bros. consumer products and comic legends DC to release a series of soft toy superheroes and super-villeins in the form of DC Super Friends…

Being all fans of Superheroes within the OneDadOneBlog household, we were excited to be asked to take a look at Golden Bears new DC Super Friends Interactive Power Punch Batman (rrp £24.99). This soft toy superhero is much more than just a cuddly toy, albeit you wouldn’t know given on the outside is lovely soft parts, ideal for young toddlers like D. However just like real superheroes, on the inside it packs much much more.

This 12 inch tall figure has fully posable arms which bend into any shape you wish as well as Batman’s fist making classic punching noises when impact is made. Unlike some toys with buttons, this has incredible light contact sensors so means again, perfect for little hands who maybe don’t quite have the ability to activate small, tricky buttons.
Not only this but press Batman’s chest and he’ll speak one of several phrases as well as his masked eyes also lighting up simultaneously too. Complete with trademark cape, utility belt and boots, this soft toy is still the iconic batman but with a much more focus on younger audiences meaning both D and H will be fighting who gets the honours of being a bed buddy with this soft toy for the foreseeable.

Its also worth a mention that Golden Bear have not only released this but a couple of other DC Super Friends toys which include the extremely reasonably priced Slingable Fun Sounds Super Friends which feature oversized fists and flowing capes, and make noises when caught after flying across a room. Priced at only £7.99 and a choice of Batman Superman or Joker.

Alternatively there’s also the Large Tough Talking Soft Toys priced at £14.99 and in a choice of Batman or Superman are an in-between option of the toy range featuring large plush toys with trademark phrases as well.

With more superheroes and super villeins set to be included in the range, check out Golden Bear Toys website for the latest information. I’m off to be the super villein and stop our own superheroes from claiming the DC Super Friends Interactive Power Punch Batman for their own.

Until next time

Jim x


NB: We were provided with our very own DC Super Friends Interactive Power Punch Batman in exchange for a review, all opinions are our own.