Review | Cry Babies Doll

Cry Babies Doll

Our house is over run with dolls, in fact D is branching out now and has accessories such as a car seat, bed and even a baby carrier in order to make her imaginative play even more realistic. One thing that many of her dolls have in common is that they pretty much do nothing. Sure, their arms and legs move but they aren’t massively realistic and thats where the Cry Babies Dolls comes into its own.

Cry Babies Dolls have been around for a while now but have more recently added to its collection with 3 new additions, Dotty, Nala and Lady. These medium sized dolls come with an obvious feature in that they have an oversized head so are easily identifiable. Thats not to say they look out of place, in face quite the opposite, having an oversized head means they can flux the benefit of big cute eyes and rosey cheeks making them look much more adorable than typical dolls.

Don’t be fooled though adults, behind the cute exterior is a hidden terror for all parents alike, these dolls cry… and don’t stop crying until they are given their dummy or cuddled enough to suffice them. Its a really winy cry too, the type which needs attention before it gets out of hand.


However, what is a parents nightmare, is a child’s perfect toy!!! D absolutely LOVES this doll, being able to tend to its basic needs, provide it solutions and stop it crying means that D’s doll imaginary play just got real!!

Not only this but you can also fill their head with water which when filled will release real tears through their eyes when the crying is in motion….. mind blown for D. She’s absolutely in love with her Dotty and its really gone down a storm in our house… for various reasons listed above.


Cry Babies Dolls are available now for around £29.99 although a quick look around and you might even get an additional £10 knocked off that.

As much as I would say Mrs F and I are not its biggest fan, ultimately D is and having Dotty join her crew has just helped to increase her love for imaginary play and in turn her development.


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NB: We were provided with a Cry Babies doll in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are our own (including Ds)