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Review: CBeebies LIVE – Justin & Friends: Mr Tumble’s Circus

Cbeebies LIVE 2015

With little D being born and us now being a family of four, I was always worried how H would adapt given that he would no longer have the attention from Mrs F and I that he had been used to for over 3 years. To say he has adapted incredible would be an understatement.

The first few weeks were a little nervous as he would walk around her and was completely frightened of this harmless little lady however as time has grown he has become this wonderfully loving brother who clearly adores his sister, he was infact the first one to make her giggle (much to daddies despair), he will do anything for her, protects her and always gives her his attention. Granted a little too much at times for D’s liking but equally she reciprocates the sibling bond through plenty of smiles and giggles when they are together.


I won’t lie, it is a struggle at times to juggle the two of them in equal measures especially when H asks you to play “Asda home delivery” with him whilst D is “on the edge” and ready to kick off at any point. For those wondering what Asda Home delivery is…its a modern take on his till and shopping set where we ring each other to order shopping and then deliver it to each other, we even add in substitutes, pretty complex really 🙂


So I was really happy when Mrs F and I were able to spend the first day with just H yesterday as we took him to Manchester’s M.E.N Arena to see Cbeebies Live. We don’t have massive families or retired parents so getting someone to look after D is difficult but our next door neighbours daughter offered so we gratefully took the opportunity.

We took H to see the Cbeebies Live show last year pre-D and he enjoyed it then so when it was announced this year would be “Justin & Friends” we knew he would be even more in his elements. He really loves anything with the super talented Justin Fletcher in… Justin’s House, Gigglebiz and of course Mr Tumble. Throw into that other well known BBC stars such as Gem from Swashbuckle (one of Daddies favourites) and Andy from Andy’s Adventures and you have all his favourite stars under one roof.

Cbeebies Live

In typical OneDadOneBlog / Family of four fashion we were running a little bit late but still had time to nip in McDonalds drive through for a pre event treat. At this point H was at his whits end as we hadn’t augmentin 125 mg told him where we were going or what his treat was going to be. He really doesn’t take surprises great and had been constantly asking for the past few hours what it was, to the point he was becoming frustrated. We decided to tell him after his happy meal and his face was of amazement.


We arrived, parked and found our seats with 3 minutes to spare which was ideal in theory as by this point H’s excitement was building. A sea of flashing toys, excited children (and parents) waited in anticipation as Robert took to the stage and the fun, singing and dancing ensued.


The story surrounds the Justin’s house cast (along with Gem, Andy and Cat) with Mr Tumble’s circus being due in town and all of them wanting to go see them. Robert has other ideas though as he typically has a list as long as him of chores that need to be completed by all of them and therefore means visiting the circus is a no go. As it turns out, Mr Tumble and his circus are having trouble reaching them (thanks to regular news updates on the big screen from Gigglebiz’s Arthur Sleep) so any circus is in doubt.

Cbeebies Live Andy

Through songs and dancing, whilst completing all of Robert’s jobs, the cast are able to showcase all of their own talents to the point that due to the circus eventually not making it, they put on their own circus at the end of the show with a special appearance from Mr Tumble (thankfully as H was devastated the circus couldn’t make it).


The show was everything you’d expect from Justin and his friends and was fun and energising from start to end with parents alike all joining in alongside their mesmerised children.

Cbeebies LIVE

H had a constant smile on his face and was singing, clapping and dancing around throughout, so much so he cried at the end as he didn’t want it to finish. He had come within touching distance of all his heroes thanks to being able to go to the very front during the finale and got so excited when Robert waved at him. 🙂


It was a day he won’t forget in a while and would really encourage any parents whose children enjoy watching cbeebies to book for next time. I’m sure the programme we bought will become a reading staple for the next few weeks.

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D was fine with our neighbours daughter so hopefully we can do it again soon and not leave it so long next time.


Jim x