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Review: Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer

Ill health has previously never been a worry for me, I like to think I’m a “glass is always half full” kind of person and I always try and tell myself “everything will be alright”, that all changed since having H. Having the added responsibility of caring for someone who cannot look after themselves, means that although I still pass my own illnesses and aliments off as nothing, its become a totally different story with my children.


Being health anxious about both H and D, we already have a Braun Thermoscan 5 (Thermoscan 7 is their latest offering in the series) however when I was given the opportunity to review the Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer I jumped at the chance.


With D, the old phrase of “never wake a sleeping baby” is extremely important at the moment when uninterrupted sleep is at a premium in the OneDadOneBlog household, so the ability to be able to check her temperature without having to stick one of those “probe like” instruments under her armpit, wait what feels like an eternity to be finally told her temperature is actually normal, oh and now we have a baby who is wide awake for the privilege.

Braun No Touch

With the Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer, “waiting and waking” are things of the past thanks to its super quick response time (2-4 seconds), the ability to take a temperature without having to even touch a forehead as well as being able to mute any sounds from the thermometer too.


Braun No Touch

The thermometer does feel like a mini light sabre and I must admit to using it in such a way when Mrs F wasn’t around however it is extremely simple to use. You simply press the reading button and a yellow spot light appears, place this within 5cm of the persons forehead (or actually on their forehead if you prefer) and within a few seconds a temperature reading appears. There is a handy quick use guide which shows you where to point / place the thermometer and don’t worry as if you place it incorrectly, the thermometer will return an “error” reading on the information screen. When initially using on H, he was slightly sceptical of the spot light shining on his head, however once he realised it was a thermometer and that it didn’t need to go into his ears, he was more than happy to let me test it out on him. After a few goes, he didn’t even acknowledge it, continuing with his Super Mario adventure whilst I continued my review.

Braun No Touch

We did experience a real life virus at OneDadOneBlog HQ during testing and this was where the No Touch came into its own, as like described above, we were able to test little D’s temperature whilst she slept without having to wake her and also helping to alleviate our anxious purchase augmentin online minds in the process.


So what is a high temperature? Well Braun also help you with this too as once the reading has been taken, the information screen will shine one of Red, Amber or Green indicating whether the temperature is normal, elevated or high  and helping you to decide on your next course of action. (Obviously I am not a Doctor or a trained health professional so if you are ever worried then contact the NHS for advice).

Braun No Touch

The thermometer comes  complete with batteries so it is ready for use straight away. It also comes with a little cup-like cap to fit over the scanner when not in use. I found this difficult to attach and maybe could get lost if not careful, I would like to see this become a screw or clip cap for future models. I also made the mistake of leaving the thermometer on the window-sill in-between use and as a result, the thermometer became cold and had to warm up before it would work again. Although it only took a few minutes, I felt it was worth noting in case you made the same mistake.

Braun No Touch

If I was comparing it to our older Thermoscan 5 (T5), I was mighty impressed as to how quick the reading comes back on the No Touch compared to my T5, although you are only talking maybe 5-10 seconds faster, these seconds may feel like a life time when you are in the midst of a fever. I also like the fact you don’t need to buy replacement lens filters (the plastic sleeves that go over the ear probe). When we tested them both together, there was a minimal difference in temperate (0-0.3 degrees) however this was only in a couple of cases with most times being the same reading.


I really think this thermometer is a great additional to your families first aid kit. Having the ability to have an accurate temperature reading from one of the worlds leading thermometer providers is one thing, being able to do this without waking your little ones and being informed what the temperature also means gives new parents, or even seasoned parents, a helping hand from those health anxieties we all get. People may baulk at the £40-£50 price tag, however I would say that we have had our T5 nearly 4 years now and its never had any issues so when you consider it to be a long term purchase, the price becomes insignificant. A must buy.


For more details about the Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer as well as their other thermometer range, visit Braun Terms


NB: This review was written by myself and is an honest review of my experience using the product. A Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer was provided to keep in exchange for an honest review of my experience.