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Review: bobble SPORT water bottle

As part of my New Year, New Me quest I talked about finding new tech, toys or products to help make my gym experience a better one than previously failed attempts. Rehydration is a massively important part of becoming more healthy and previously, in order to drink more water, I have taken my old faithful bobble bottle.


For those that haven’t heard of Bobble, they are a relativity new company (founded in 2009) thats main aim is to reduce the amount of single serve plastic water bottles ending up in landfill each year. They do this by creating stylish looking water bottles which include a unique replaceable carbon filter helping to turn natural tap water into filtered water. These bottles not only look fantastic but also last, the filter alone lasts for over 300 uses before it needs to be replaced, saving substantial money compared to buying filtered water on a daily basis.


Although my current standard bobble is a fantastic water bottle, even I admit its not entirely gym / activity focused. I mean, it works ok but it’s extremely curved, with a wider than normal bottom so struggles to fit in the drinks holders there meaning I have to put it on the floor behind me…. not ideal when chunky me, sweating my preverbals off on the treadmill, needs a quick rehydration in between what feels like running the London marathon (which in fact is more comparable at this point to running around the block).


When I heard bobble were adding to their existing range of water bottles, and most recently, water jugs, I was happy to discover their latest edition is the bobble SPORT.


The lovely folks at Auteur gave me to opportunity to try their new addition out and I have to say I am extremely impressed. They have kept with the unique carbon filter, but have redesigned the bottle especially for sporting activities, giving it a new slimline look, making it fit in all kinds of holders now. When tested, this included my car drinks holder, the gym bottle buy augmentin xr online holders and my bike bottle holder (this has been sitting in the shed for some time now, remind me not to mention it to Mrs F though… it’s a sore subject).

Bobble Sport Water Bottle Gym

It comes in 7 handy colours (magenta, red, green, sky blue, blue, lavender and grey) so even the most fashion conscious can make it work with their attire. bobble have also increased the capacity by a further 100ml to 650ml compared to bobble original meaning less refilling and more rehydration.

B66bQwfIUAEhExcWhat I was really impressed with was the moulded grip round the bobble SPORT. My current bobble is more smooth meaning its can be difficult to grip when working out. The bobble SPORT has a moulded grip for your three main fingers to grab on to meaning it feels fitted when holding and drinking from it. Another little added feature includes the cap being held on to the bottle as previous editions this came as separate and I still can’t find mine to his day, having it attached means I’ll never lose it.

Bobble Sport Water Bottle

Overall the bobble SPORT is ideal for working out, sporting activities and such like, to be honest it can also be used for every day use. Like previous bobbles, it looks fantastic as well as performing its basic need of producing high quality filtered water and performing it well. This doesn’t spell the end for my trusted original bobble as I’ll still be using this in the office and at home, (thats if Mrs F doesn’t try and steal it from me) but the bobble SPORT will definitely become part of my gym routine and improve my liquid intake moving forward…


The bobble SPORT is available via national retailers from 1st February and retails for around £9.99. For more details on all of bobble’s collection, please visit


NB: This review was written by myself and is an honest review of my experience using the product. The bobble SPORT water bottle was provided by the team at Auteur to keep in exchange for a review of my experience.