Review | Bloopies Water Doll

Bloopies Water Doll

Often we have more bath toys in the bath than you’ll find during a leisure centre swimming party although they are all just that, toys for the bath only, Bloopies Water Doll is a dual purpose toy which can be used both in the bath as well as enjoying outside of the bath too.

Coming in six different designs Bloopies are full time doll but also Bath proof too as that’s where they really come into their own. Each of the Bloopies water dolls come with removable flippers to match with their unique swimsuit design as well as removable snorkel mask.

With the mask in place your little ones can simply place the Bloopies under the water and give its tummy a squeeze, watch will then squirt out the snorkel causing great fun and excitement. Take the mask off and it’ll squirt the water from its mouth. In face, if there’s bubble bath inside your bath then it’ll squirt bubbles too.

The great thing about these from a parents perspective is that they dry in no time and you don’t have to spend hours waiting for water to drip from limbs it shouldn’t be in like traditional dolls…. if like me you’ve had the pleasure of having to do.


Outside of the bath, it also adds to our already growing doll collection but adds a quirky twist in that I now hear D discussing the possibility of her dolls “going to the swimming pool” during her imaginative play sessions.

D really seems to love playing with her Bloopies water doll, both outside and in the bath with the latter meaning she now has an easy method of squirting her brother during bathtimes causing lots of fun (and a little tears too) ;-).

Bloopies are pretty affordable too with an RRP of £14.99 so are great for special treats or cost effective birthday presents as well.


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NB: We were provided with a Bloopies doll in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are our own.