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Review: Biscuiteers Thank You Biscuits


With H finishing his 4 years at nursery this summer in preparation for starting school, we, like many parents I’m sure, started thinking about how to show our thanks to those that have looked after and taught H during his time at Nursery.

The whole team there have been fantastic, they are all really friendly, approachable and H really has taken to a few of them in particular so getting them something to say thanks which all of them can share is pretty limited, box of chocolates, basket of fruit, a mixture of sweets. After all, they deserve a medal, having to spend day after to day with masses of little people would send me insane. Don’t get me wrong I love my little people but even sometimes they drive me mad so having to cope with handfuls (and not being your own) is a tough task.

But what to get the one which really has taken the time to get to know H, to develop him, to be there for him when he’s fell over / upset, provide cuddles when mummy or daddy can’t be there.

Personalised goods are very much the “in thing” however to really get the impact of a personalised item, you have to really know the individual in question and whilst I like to think we get on very well with H’s main key worker, I don’t know her personally.

BiscuiteersThe Biscuiteers however make everything from biscuits (obvs) through to cakes, chocolates, bespoke items, icing kits and can even classes. Each item is hand crafted by one of their very skilful decorators and each item you buy from them even comes with a special handwritten note from the talented individual tasked with creating your desired buy zithromax azithromycin online item, a really nice touch I thought. (Thanks Lauren)


We were sent the Pencil Case Big Biscuit Card set which contains 6 items which you’d typically find in a pencil case (ruler, pencil, paperclip, highlighter, sharpener and eraser) all decorated with exceptional skill. In fact, they looked so nice, we couldn’t bring ourselves to break into them at first however they also looked incredibly appetising too so I can confirm that resisting didn’t last for too long. Made from chocolate biscuit there we very crumbly and dissolved in your mouth (I think I’ve been watching too much GBBO there), perfect with a cup of tea… or if you are H, perfect on there own.


Priced at £20, they are still reasonably priced given the thought and skill that goes into them and equally perfect for a thank you gift for someone without breaking the bank. The turnaround time from order to delivery is also pretty quick too, only taking a couple of days. Coming packaged extremely well, they didn’t break in transit, something which I was worried about when I saw they had been posted through my letterbox. The main box which the biscuits come in is also extremely well made and designed so could even be used after the contents have been consumed, maybe for storing other treats in.


Overall, if you are looking for something thoughtful and personalised, I would recommend taking a look at the Biscuiteers and send someone you care about / or want to thank something they will love.


Until next time

Jim x


NB: We were sent a sample of one of the Biscuiteers biscuit collections in exchange for a review. All opinions are our own and the biscuit remains can no longer be found for inspection…. 🙂