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Review: Barbecue Party (Drumond Park)

With the summer well underway (well sort of) we have managed to get a few Barbecues under our belt however when stuck indoors with rubbish British summer weather and looking to continue that summer feel why not bring the barbecue indoors with Drumond Park’s latest fun game, Barbecue Party.

Barbecue Party is a fun and interactive game aimed at those over 4 years old and for 2-4 players, although if you make teams, if could suit more. The idea of the game is pick from a pack of cards containing various barbecue foods, if that item of food isn’t already on the Barbecue then you have to place it carefully on using a pair of tongs, if not, you have to take it off the BBQ. Once successfully completed, the player gets to keep the card and item of food and the first person with three cards and a matching food item is deemed the winner. Sounds simple right? Wrong, as one false move or a full barbecue and the Barbecue will jump and shake causing foods to fall off losing your cards in the process.


The game doesn’t need any batteries so can be used straight away, making it the perfect board game for a present / birthday.


Having normally the great job of conducting the reviews with H, I let Mrs F take the glory for this one and enjoy the first game with H and here’s what she said:

“I found Barbecue Party a fun and interactive game to play with H. He picked up the rules really quickly and understood the game perfectly. It was very easy to set up and play and you can also vary the game rules in order to keep the game fresh and different.”

Barbecue Party

“Coming with no batteries was a big plus for me as usually these type of games require them but thankfully I don’t need to worry about them running out. The game is also very easy to pack away following completion too meaning H can learn to pack away too.”

Barbecue Party


“All parts are big too which was great for having D or little ones lingering around in the background. My only observation was that it could have come with two tongs as if you were playing with a larger group of players, having to share 1 pair of tongs is a big ask… although it does teach little ones to share :-)”


So there you have it, a big thumbs up from H and Mrs F. I have also since played it with Mrs F H, and can confirm that it is a very fun and easy to play game although losing still isn’t easy in my case 😉

Barbecue Party has an RRP of £19.99 and is available to purchase now from loads of retailers now, for details of these visit Drumond Park’s website.


Until next time

Jim x


NB: We are part of the Drumond Park blogger programme and therefore was sent a copy of Barbecue Party for review purposes. All opinions expressed are completely our own (mainly Mrs F’s in this instance). 🙂