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Review | The Amazing collection from DK Books

We love a good book in the OneDadOneBlog house. I mean, I’m not a self confessed book worm, although I do confess to once downloading the Fifty Shades audiobook collection when I was a travelling salesman, just to see what the hype was all about… We do however love reading books with the children and a pre bedtime read is a staple in our house. Books don’t just have to be story books though and DK books are both educational and fun, especially their ‘Amazing book of’ collection.

I’m not sure about you but reading with the children just before bedtime is one of my favourite activities… and not just because they are due to go bed and it means some downtime for Mrs F and I. Its also a great chance to watch their learning grow, whether that be enjoying H perfect his sounding and blending of letters and words as he reads to us, or whether its watching D as she listens intently to us as we tell as story and watch as she mentions key parts to confirm her understanding and concentration is improving.


Sometimes though as much as I love the stories, we do tend to read the same stories time and time again . I’m sure I can retell the whole of Julia Donaldson’s Superworm without the need for the book if I tried. Thats why having books which help to educate and expand your little ones knowledge are great as its a win win… the trouble is, its only win win if such books are interesting for them too.

DK Books have a range of books titled “The Amazing Book of…” with buy augmentin 625 various topics. We were sent The Amazing Book of LEGO Star Wars and The Amazing Book of Disney Princesses for both H and D to have a look at.


Both books are aimed at age 5+ however given D is such a fan of Disney as well as Princesses she was more than able to connect when reading it to her. The great thing about these books is not only the mix of pictures to words, but also the fact some of the pages open up to show full length photo’s, and in D’s case, her favourite princesses such as Cinderella and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Its been fascinating to watch her go from understanding the basics of the princesses and their films to now knowing some of the other characters names too, really enriching her knowledge.

H on the other hand is in the process of perfecting his Star Wars knowledge as although he knows and has a basic understanding of the latest films, I haven’t yet watched some of the original films with him for fear of him not truly understanding the story lines. This DK Books title gives us the ideal opportunity to explain the stories but making it more interesting in as its in LEGO form. ūüôā

Both books are out now¬†costing around¬†¬£9.99 and along with the rest of the DK Books “The Amazing Book of” collection make up a great alternative to standing story books. For more information, check out DK Books website now.


Until next time

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NB: We were provided with a selection of DK books in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are our own.