Relax Solo this Fathers Day in a Star Wars Bathrobe

Apologies for the pun ridden title but in case you were oblivious to it, the greatest day of the year is fast approaching… no not the start of the World Cup (although that is also a great day), definitely not Mother’s Day (thats so been and gone) but the day every child and mother should be busy planning for, that’s right Father’s Day. This year, I’ve already got an upgrade from the usual (but useful) pants and socks, this year I’ve been given freedom to relax in this Stars Wars Bathrobe.

Nicely tied in alongside the release of the most recent Star Wars movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story, top licenced and merchandise specialists, GroovyUK, have released two themed bathrobes, the Star Wars Jedi Robe and Star Wars Galactic Robe.

Star Wars Bathrobe

Both robes retail at ¬£35.00 and are available at your local Argos stores now so ideal for all Dad Star Wars fans in time for Fathers Day (17th June). I chose the Galactic Robe which is made from a super soft fleece material and comes with two hand sized pockets on the front, tie belt, an embroidered Galactic symbol on the chest as well as the all important oversized hood and sleeves to really be on the dark side… maybe even use the force to ask for some tea and biscuits whilst you relax but don’t blame it on me if you are defeated… Mrs F very much had Jedi powers when needed.


Speaking of Jedi, if you prefer always being on the good team then there’s also the Jedi robe instead. Very much similar to the Galactic robe, the jedi robe features the same oversized hood and sleeves, belt soft fleecing and embroidered badge, only this time having the Jedi badge and shade which can only be resembled as Obi Wan-Kenobi in my favourite Star Wars – A New Hope.

I love how soft the fleecing is and the fact I can snuggle up in it after a shower or bath… The kids seem to love it too as they love snuggling into me when I’m wearing it, although I’m sure its more the bathrobe than me they are snuggling into. Granted I’m not lucky enough to have a lightsaber but I do have two very similar light sticks courtesy of our local fireworks night last year which look (kinda) the part ūüėČ

As above, its on sale now and is a perfect gift for Fathers Day, to check stock in your local Argos feel free to click on the links for both the Star Wars Jedi Robe or the Star Wars Galactic Robe now.


Until next time (May the Force be with you)






NB: I was gifted with a Star Wars Galactic Bathrobe in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own.