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Random Christmas Gift Guide 2016

So, I’ve recently put together my favourite LEGO Christmas Gift Guide, but as you’d expect, there are also a multitude of other idea’s floating around in this Dads head so I thought I’d put together some of these into my Random Christmas Gift Guide 2016.

Again, I’ve tried to include a varied price range and some being great for family gifts rather than individual ones too. In keeping with my previous theme, I’ve also looked for the cheapest¬†price to save you the leg work… I’m kind like that ūüôā



Micro Scooter – Having been a fan of the swiss made scooters for some time (since H had his Micro Mini Scooter¬†at age 2 and more recently fortunate enough to become Micro Scooter Ambassadors, I can confidently vouch for the durability and longevity of these. Yes you can pick up a “scooter” for ¬£20 but Micro Scooters¬†not only look fantastic, they are built to last and you won’t find these falling apart and rusty by summertime. Oh and they also stock scooters for adults too… don’t knock it until you’ve scooted, I love mine and its a great alternative exercise workout! Prices range from ¬£69 upwards – Micro Scooter


Mr Tumble Christmas Party (CD or download)– What better to get in the mood for Christmas (or at least your Justin Fletcher mad kids will) than with a CD containing all the classic Christmas songs sung by Mr Tumble and all his friends… This has been stuck in my car for nearly a month now… the kids love it… I just zone out… It certainly keeps the children occupied on journeys. ¬£9.80 – Amazon


Amazon¬†Fire 7 Tablet (8gb) – The pressure is massive these days to keep up with trends and technology and more and more children want to access internet and apps at younger ages. The Amazon Fire 7 is a 7″ tablet which won’t break the bank yet can do many of the things a high priced iPad can do and will not give you nightmares every time your little one picks it up. It even has parental control settings as well as a completely free section of its own app store so unlike many others which claim a game or application is free only to find out there are in app purchases, these app are completely free and are some very well known ones such as Cut the Rope, Angry birds, LEGO city to name a few. The only downside is the memory in them however again unlike many of its pricy competitors, you can add a micro SD card into it to boost your storage space and many there plenty of room for some of your children favourite movies for on the go.

STOP PRESS: Its on a Black Friday 2016 deal (normally £59.99 but down to £29.99 at the minute РArgos)

LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack

LEGO Dimensions – Ok, come on, you didn’t expect me not to feature LEGO in this gift guide somewhere right? Well this is more of a computer game so doesn’t technically count. With H getting more into technology like his Dad (#DadWin) we are slowly starting to introduce him to games consoles both handheld like my old Nintendo DS Lite as well as larger consoles like my dusty Playstation which doesn’t see a great deal of action since kids. Nevertheless with his love for LEGO also growing we thought we’d combine the two and get LEGO Dimensions which is a a toy to life video game which you can use LEGO characters that when placed upon a portal (which comes in the stater pack) will then appear in the game and allow you to play as them. There are loads of additional LEGO dimensions figure, story and level packs you can also buy and add to the starter set to enhance the gaming as well as elongate its enjoyment but equally can still augmentin online uk play the full game with just the starter pack. Its priced now for around ¬£29.99 and is a steal quite frankly so grab it before its too late. I can’t wait to get gaming again.



Baby Annabell Interactive Doll – The are millions of dolls around and its so confusing what to buy. Personally although the cheap and cheerful ones are great for building up your child’s collection to allow for tea parties and imaginative play, I find buying one or two good ones really helps to bring out that caring and loving side. I’m talking about ones which interact like the Baby Annabell Interactive Doll. Complete with suckling motion to allow for both dummy and bottle sucking, this baby also falls asleep when rocked, can also wet its nappy (so great for potty training too) and is much more than a plastic mannequin. Priced at ¬£33.34 its not necessarily expensive either – Tesco Direct)

John Adams Silly Sausage

Silly Sausage – We love getting together at Christmas and turning off our tech for at least some of the time and enjoying a family game together, whether its a traditional board game or something a bit more hands on and this year I have my eye on Silly Sausage from John Adams. This interactive reaction game (or Sausage) comes with 5 different actions such as poking, twisting, dipping, stretching and shaking the sausage upon command and is great for some light hearted fun. It has 10 different types of games included and it great for families as well as having fun when friends come round. This is one which promises to sell out though so keep your eyes peeled if you want to nab this one, the cheapest I’ve found it as at Tesco Direct for ¬£17.95 but wasn’t in stock at the time of writing this post


Nintendo Classic Mini – If you are a fan of gaming consoles and of similar age to me you’ll be aware of the original Nintendo. I vividly remember playing classics like Duck Hunt as well as when my first addiction to the Super Mario collection began. Well the good news is that instead of trying to purchase an overpriced original through selling sites, Nintendo have re-released a version which is mini and includes 30 pre loaded games to boot as well. I suspect this will be massively hard to get hold of but if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one for a family member, I think they’ll be mighty impressed. ¬£49.99 – Smyths Toys


Monopoly – Game of Thrones Edition – If like me you are a fan of board games as well as a fan of the classic Sky Atlantic box series Game of Thrones you’ll love the fact they have incorporated the show into Monopoly. I’d be trying to buy Kings Landing or Braavos as a White Walker, I couldn’t be Lannisters though as they always pay their debts and I’ll be bankrupt before I knew it. ūüėČ Available in a deluxe version for the massive fans, the standard version will only set you back ¬£26.99 – Amazon


Crystal Head Vodka – If all else fails, buy booze! Well not quite but this crystal head vodka bottle will look great in any room so even if its contents doesn’t last the festive season, you can still be sure you’ve still got a stylish looking ornament in the new year as well as having a great xmas too – ¬£50 – John Lewis


So thats One Dad One Blog’s Random Christmas Gift Guide 2016, is there anything on there that takes your fancy? Let us know in the comments below.


Until next time

Jim x