Please don’t cancel our School Sports Day!

School Sports Day

It was supposed to be H’s sports day last week and despite the previous week being the hottest week of the year, sadly, just as we’ve come to expect with typical British Summertime weather, we were met with rain and the dreaded text… “Sadly due to the weather, today’s school sports day is cancelled”. The question is, just like last year, his first ever sports days, will it be called off completely for another year?

As a parent, I have been really looking forward to sports day this year, for various reasons. Having been completely cancelled last year in Reception class, his first ever sports day, I was hoping this year wouldn’t be the same and with us having some amazing weather of late, I’d earmarked off the arranged afternoon and was hoping for a little bit of ‘cheering on the boy’ (aka competitive Dad) sat in a school field with other parents and putting faces to names, maybe even getting involved in a parents race (dependant on the other parents and their physiques of course 😉 ).

Being a full time working Dad, I rarely get the opportunity to participate in many of the “parents welcome” events throughout the school year as it is… all too often are they arranged in the middle of the week / middle of the day and it seems only those not working or with hugely flexible jobs can attend. Kids at this age also have a knack in knowing how to make you feel guilty as a result too.

We are currently awaiting a rearranged date however given my work demands, its likely I may still not be able to attend as a result. Seeing all those lucky parents whose children were able to dodge the heatwave and showers to enjoy their sports day has made me incredible envious and although H doesn’t seem too bothered, I am.

So please, this year, lets not just cancel sports day altogether and hopefully before the end of the term I too can cheer on H and pepper Instagram with some photo’s from the day.

Did you get to enjoy sports day this year?

Until next time

Jim x