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Personalising our Disney Adventure

Now we are well and truly counting down the days to our family adventure to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida, thoughts have turned to packing, what essentials will we need and what we should travel in.

Travel clothes are an essential consideration for any flight in my opinion. You want to remain comfortable but equally, as is the case for most of our holidays, the place you arrive at is usually at least double the temperature of the place we left so wearing jeans and a jumper might be a regretted decision by the time you land. Equally aeroplanes can sometimes be incredibly cold so wearing just a pair of shorts and a t-shirt could have you a shivering mess…


Then of course, there’s the “Disney Effect”


The Disney effect is when for some ungodly reason you feel the need to become THAT family.. you know the one, the ones who have the “I’m going to Disney world 2005” matching tops, or all turning up to the airport in black and red spotted T-shirts. What seems repulsive to anyone not flying to the sunshine state and Walt Disney World seems perfectly acceptable to those that are.


When we first booked, I remember stating to Mrs F that I wasnt going to be “one of those families”, besides it might ruin my hope of a complimentary upgrade to first class (I can dream) however slowly but surely I find myself agreeing to subtle personalised items.

Rather than “family hoodies” H and I have gone for toned down matching hoodies with a Mickey Mouse design on them, grey and black to keep things ‘normal’ and not crazy slogan or family saying. Elsewhere the children have got personalised water bottles to keep well hydrated in the parks as well as personalised snack boxes for the plane journey which we plan to fill with all kinds of things such as raisins, fruit bars, mini cheddars and yes some sweets as well (it is holiday after all).

We’ve also got the children personalised autograph books so they can get their favourite characters to sign their names as well as some Disney Pin badges to trade when they get there… oh not forgetting some all important ears!.


Many of the personalised items are from a lovely seller on a Facebook Orlando holiday group we joined and it’s been wonderful to deal with her and her small business, its Bex Vinyl Creations if you want to check her out (not sponsored or gifted by the way and she doesn’t even know I’m recommending her).

These are just a few of the personalisation plans we have planned for our forthcoming trip and I am aware that if we have many more we’ll become ‘that’ family before too long but you know what, as long as we have a great time then that’s all that matters right?


Until next time