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Parenting isn’t just Hard Graft with Little Tikes Light n Go

I’ve worked with Little Tikes on several launches over the past few years, ranging from Trikes (with Gold Medal Olympian and now Strictly Come Dancing star Greg Rutherford) through to their Lil Ocean Explorers range earlier in the year. Even though we have been lucky enough to work with them, we also own several of their products which we have bought ourselves such as their iconic Cosy Coupe (we now have a pink one replacing H’s police car one), we have sand pits, water tables, wooden kitchens as well as several other of their smaller toys… why? Well because Little Tikes toys always look to bring out those precious development moments every parent cherishes.

Whether thats something such as pressing a button to make a noise or colour shine, through to reaching out to grab something, helping to create that first smile or encouraging imaginative play. Everything that they bring to market have a reason to it… as well as being built to last too.


Recently Little Tikes commissioned a survey of 1,500 parents in order to find out both the Highs and the Lows experienced in the first few years of parenthood. I remember only to well with H how scary it was being a first time parent and not knowing if you were doing things ‘right’ or the long nights without sleep equally I also remember the amazing moments such as the first time H rolled over, or that D said “Dadda” before she said “Mamma” (Sorry Mrs F). Little Tikes have classified these as Graft and Giggles as despite  so many on social media wanting to protray their child to be the perfect child – all night sleeper, early walker, early talker, well behaved etc, we all know that parenting is really made up of tough days and also great days. I even created a “week in the life” video diary a few weeks ago just showing how different days can vary.

Some the highlights of the survey for me were that it takes around 14 months before parents believe they have got the hang of parenting and that we spend on average around 6.5 hours a day holding a baby in the first year. I’ve attached the results at the bottom of the post for you to see in detail or alternatively you can find them here too.


Alongside these results, Little Tikes have also introduced their NEW Light ‘n Go range which aims to build on their Little Explorers range by offering even more to help stimulate and encourage key development milestones between the ages of baby to aged 3.


As part of being a Little Tikes Ambassador, we were lucky enough to receive their Activity Garden Treehouse (rrp £89.99) to review which although may be a little pricy for some, does feature over 80 different activities to keep your little one busy, ranging from flashing lights, sounds and interactive activities.

Although the assembly of this product took a little longer than I imagined (mainly thanks to the 28 screws), once constructed is sturdy enough for even your little ones five year old brother to enjoy too 😉 Its been providing hours of endless fun for both our children, and in doing so helping D to not only interact with her brother but also work out on her own how various sections of the Activity Garden works and let out various squeals of excitement when she does so! Giggles!


For those with a smaller budget or small space, don’t worry, Little Tikes have created various toys to suit varying needs and these can be found here.


I can definitely recommend adding these onto your developing little ones Christmas lists and you can be enjoying less of the Graft and more of the Giggles…


Until next time

Jim x


NB: We are Little Tikes Ambassadors and as such are provided with various products to review however these are taken on the proviso that all words and opinions are my own.