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Our Summer Bucket List 2015

As H prepares to finish his time at Nursery and starts looking forward to starting school in September, Mrs F prepares to go back to work and D spending time in Nursery each week, I thought I’d compile a list of things I’d love us to do over the summer before we embark on this new chapter in H, and our lives……


  1. Visit the Manchester History Museum
  2. Purchase a Trampoline and create a hidden space in the garden for it Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 19.20.22
  3. Visit softplay centres (far too many times)
  4. Have a family picnic at Trentham GardensIMG_1182
  5. Have a water fight
  6. Have a Housewarming BBQ
  7. Finish converting our old shed into H and D’s garden playhouseIMG_4257 IMG_1572
  8. Decorate D’s room
  9. Visit a Haven Holiday site
  10. Have a Mini-Beast AdventureIMG_5529
  11. Visit Legoland Windsor
  12. Let H stay up late, eat popcorn and roast marshmallows around the firepitIMG_5030
  13. Meet up with The Dadventurer (Dave)
  14. Visit a Zoo / FarmIMG_9393
  15. Visit a beach
  16. Go family swimmingIMG_5463
  17. Visit the viewing centre at Manchester Airport
  18. Go on a Train
  19. Create a family photo wall
  20. Create a Den together
  21. Create a Summer 2015 Scrap book
  22. Laugh….HARD!IMG_5645
  23. Go Strawberry Picking
  24. Go for a walk and explore our local countryside
  25. Have a 1st Birthday Party for D
  26. Teach H how to ride his bike




So thats my Summer Bucket List 2015, activities I’d like to achieve during this summer as a family. Do you have your own summer bucket list? Is there anything you’d like to do or could suggest for us to do? Please leave your comments below if so.


Until next time