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The Non Sponsored Fathers Day Gift Guide

Given its Father Day on Sunday and given that I’ve come across what feels like about 3 million gift guides recently on my twitter timeline, I thought I’d jump on the band wagon too. The only difference, my Fathers Day Gift Guide isn’t sponsored in any way shape or form.

Yes, you heard it, I haven’t received one single “sample” in exchange for featuring the following in my guide. All those you see are either things I already own, and therefore can recommend or are things I feel I’d love and so might others.

Although if I’m really honest, if you are struggling then stick to these three areas

  1. Tech / Gadgetry
  2. Food / Drink
  3. Experiences

Any of them should mean that the Dad in your life isn’t left with an awkward “thanks” when unwrapping his new personalised pillow come Sunday.


Fathers Day Gift Guide


10.  Micro Scooter – From £100

Yes Scooters are for children (primarily) but they are also for adults too and I can’t recommend a Micro Scooter enough, built to last and pretty stylish too. Just because you might not like one, doesn’t mean Dad doesn’t.

*Just a note for this, if you live in the south, these are much more accepted, northerners unfortunately, aren’t as open minded just yet (I class myself as a trend setter in the north though 🙂 )


9.  Google Home – £129

I can’t really give you a difinitive answer as to ‘why’ Dads would want one, other than they just do. The fun of being able to tell this artificial intelligence speaker to answer a question, tell the weather or play a song may seem a tad “gimmicky” but it’s exactly the type of gadgetry we love.


8.  ‘Dadding It’ Sweatshirt -£50

I’m sure many of you would have seen the “winging it” or “mother” apparel from Selfish Mother lately, if not where have you been? The good news is Dads can look just as cool with there own range include the ‘Dadding It’ slogan in both jumper and t-shirt form.


7.  Weber Kettle BBQ – Around £240

It’s summer season (or at least should be) and therefore it’s time to become king of the BBQs. Very much like men pretend not to sneak a glance in the toilets just for comparison purposes… the size of your Barbecue most definitely says a lot about you as a person. Don’t waste your time and money on a small poxy excuse for an outdoor grilling machine, get a decent barbecue like this Weber Kettle BBQ.


6.Fifa 18 – Around £49.99

Okay this one isn’t available just yet but if you have a gaming / football mad Dad in your family then why not get them an ‘IOU’ for this when it comes out (he’ll wait trust me)… just remember cheap augmentin that with this one, they’ll also need a promise of some ‘game time’ too as using the box for a coaster isn’t really the point.


5. Personalised mug (Prezzybox) – £5.99

Okay, I admit, I’m not a massive fan of personalised gifts (for myself at least) as it’s hard to distinguish the tacky from the classy, however this one isn’t for me or those Dads who try their hardest to be the best dad they can be, it’s for those Dickhead Dads not around much so why not surprise them with a Surprise Mug which has a hidden message underneath. Next time Dads, be there more and your gifts might be at least half the value Mums get on Mothers Day.


4.  Beer Keg machine – £189

If your Dad already has the perfect barbecue why not get the next best thing to having his own bar, without the tackiness. This PerfectDraft Keg Machine is an ideal alternative alongside his favourite ale and is perfect for the summer months.


3.  Nintendo Switch – £279

I’ve been facinated by this since it came out but now it has released classics such as MARIO Kart, as well as being perfect for on the go outings as well as indoors this gift will not only be great for him but will double up as a perfect family games console for all.


2.  Beoplay H4 Wireless Headphones – £249

Having a decent pair of noise cancelling headphones are a gift from the gods at times when the little ones are having a noisy day, add into that great sound, wireless and stylish and you have a pair of headphones which any Dad won’t mind using.


1.  DJI Mavic Pro Quadcopter 4k Drone –  Around £1000

Yes this one is pretty expensive (actually most of my gift guide is) but this really is the pe’est di resistance when it comes to ultimate gifts. If your dad is a tech master he’ll have no doubt obsessed about owning one of these bad boys only to continually put it to the back of his mind for fear of price or losing it. Well having watched Mark Thomas’ Vlogs recently, if anyone would lose one it’s likely to be him (sorry Mark) and so far he hasn’t so there’s hope for us all. There are many drones around from Big to small and those that record and those that are pretty shit… if you do get one, get a good one 😉


So thats my Fathers Day Gift Guide round up (Not Sponsored) although if any of the brands featured free in this gift guide want to sent out a sample or too, be it before or after Fathers Day, I wouldn’t decline 🙂

Until next time

Jim x