A New Year.. A New Me…

As we move into a new year, I’ve been thinking about if I should have any New Years Resolutions and about trying to improve myself as a father. I like to think I do my best however I’m equally not naive enough to think I can’t improve.

Having though about it, my biggest fear is not being able to participate with activities with the little ones as they grow up due to my fitness and weight levels. Things like sports, and being fit and healthy enough to be on the go all, if not most of the time with them. With his in mind I have decided I need to do something about my weight and fitness levels.

Without an official weigh in (which will come) I know I am more zithromax online cheap than likely classed as obese in the BMI index, it doesn’t help by my miniature size, however I know I am packing a few pounds which is easy to let go until summer comes calling and I want to wear clothes but can’t because I don’t look good in them (this happens to men as well as women by the way).

With this in mind I am planning a DaddyTechno Ditches the Weight section on the blog this year, not sure of the feature name just yet but I plan to use different tech as well as my trials and tribulations during the course of my quest to lose weight and get in shape for 2015.

Wish me luck…. I have a feeling I might need some support.