New Years Eve… Parents styleé

I must be getting old as I couldn’t think of anything worse than going up my local town and drinking on New Years Eve, for several reasons….

  1. Overpriced alcohol
  2. Having to pay to get in places which are normally free all year round
  3. Drunken nob heads
  4. Overpriced Taxi’s
  5. Queues
  6. Hangovers

True by told, its mainly due to having our two young kids but points 1-6 above still put me off doing the above. I would much rather have a nice meal with Mrs F, a small gathering or a local party (within walking distance of home). This year we went with the first option, a home buy generic zithromax online cooked three course meal with Mrs F and a film, Noah (in case you were wondering).

We were given an M&S gift-card prior to Christmas but unfortunately, due to it to being activated (I’m not taking any blame), we were unable to use it for the Christmas dinner ingredients so opted to have a nice meal for New Year instead.

We even managed to have it before 8pm before starting the film…the only downside is D woke up at 11pm for a feed so the film had to wait…. I wouldn’t have it any other way though.


Happy New Year everyone!