Day's Out

We bought a Bus!! (Family Car)

Well not exactly, its a car, but it does have 7 seats….

For a while now Mrs F has been talking about the need to get a bigger family car… With the introduction of D and all the additional luggage that a newborn baby brings, it was getting a little cosy in her little Peugeot 308 when we were out as a family. Even in my Ford Focus, which is a little bigger, it still feels there isn’t room to swing a cat.


Since having children we have discovered a new found love for adventures and holidays in the UK, and as such already have two booked in for the first half of the year including a stay at the gorgeous Bluestone National Park as part of the #BluestoneBloggers . With this in mind we are conscious of H missing out with things such as his bike or Micro Scooter due to reduced car space of having to fit in D’s large buggy.


With this in mind, we have just purchased a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso, used I must zithromax pharmacy price add, we certainly can’t afford a new one however this little beauty is an ideal family car and has bags of room for our little family, it has the ability to have 7 seats with unused seats being able to be made flat to free up space should we need it (when we need it would be more appropriate).  The car is really geared up for families and long journey’s due to little touches such as food trays in the back of the front seats, a built in cool box, built in sun visors in the back windows as well as lots of hidden storage space…


Despite me making fun at Mrs F that we are now the proud owners of a “fun bus” I am actually looking forward to what adventures our new family car takes us on…


Jim x


UPDATE: March 2017 – The bus died…. well the semi automatic gearbox broke and the cost to fix it outweighed its value so sadly its just been sold for scrap… :-/