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Netflix StreamTeam: May

I previously posted about the fact we’ve joined the Netflix StreamTeam and now that we’ve moved into our new home, we have recently cancelled our overly expensive digital TV subscription as lets face it, during the day time, at least unless the little ones go to bed, if the TV is on, its normally on CBeebies, Nick Jr or another kids channel so hardly felt like we were getting value for money.


With Netflix we have really got back into settling down, snuggling up and watching a good TV box set. H has learnt how to navigate his own special Kids log in section too meaning that he can’t access any of the content which is deemed unfit for his viewing but enjoy the shows he knows and loves from his Nick Jr and Disney Jr favourites.

These include Curious George, Bubble Guppies and Little Princess, the latter which is a fave of mine but we hardly got to watch it before as by the time we were all showered and dressed in a morning, we had missed it.


StreamTeam StreamTeam StreamTeam

Meanwhile Mrs F and I have been “experimenting” with several new TV shows we haven’t seen before, whilst also catching up with one of our favourites, Orange Is the New Black (OITNB) in preparation for the new series due to start June 12.


If you haven’t watched OITNB yet, its worth getting yourself a Netflix subscription just for this. With everything from comedy, tears, suspense and damn right crudeness, generic zithromax online this have something for everyone in it chronicling the life of prison inmate, Piper Chapman and her time in a county jail for committing drug money trafficking thanks to her then girlfriend, Alex Vause (also in Jail).



We have also continued along with our viewing of Dexter which was the series we had been watching when Mrs F when into labour with D so its great to finally be able to sit down and watch this when we wish.


Another programme we have got a new found love for is Him & Her. Created by the BBC, this is a series about a couple, Steve and Becky, which is based in Steve’s flat and only has a small cast but is typically true and extremely funny, well worth a watch.


Finally, a new box series I have began watch whilst Mrs F enjoys all things “sewing or creative” is House of Cards staring Kevin Spacey. Mrs F did start watching this with me but personally didn’t like how the main character, Francis Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, narrates to the camera every so often, I’m only in the early days yet but its certainly caught my eye and I’ve heard its good too and like Orange is the New Black, is exclusive to Netflix.


Thats it for now but check back next month to see how our viewing as part of the Netflix StreamTeam is going, so far though I can honestly say I don’t miss our digital subscription.





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