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Netflix StreamTeam: June

Netflix Stream Team

Following on from last months Netflix viewing for May, we are now well into post digital subscription ending and I can confirm we haven’t really missed it to date, whether thats due to the fact the football season is over so the “we” I speak about it actually “me”, it could also be due to the fact we’ve had some welcomed sunshine as of late so have’t been stuck in all day at weekends. The truth of the matter is that we have been thrown into a catalogue of various viewing genre’s and the ability to view them without an advert in sight.

oitnb season 3

Orange is the New Black season 3 is now available to view, and when I say view, I mean the entire season 3. The latest season sees Alex back in Prison thanks to Piper shopping her in but without wishing to spoilt the season their could even be a new love interest on the horizon for the ever popular Piper. Mrs F and I absolutely love this and its taken all our might to not binge watch the entire season within a couple of days….it would actually take us longer than a few days due to the fact when it goes past 10:30pm we get itchy feet and quickly scoot off to bed to get some needed sleep during D and the “teething season”. But still, the temptation to watch a new episode night after night is thankfully suppressed due to the various other box sets, movies and even cult classics available.


Dragons Race To Edge

I unfortunately wasn’t able to attend the Netflix StreamTeam Dragons event held in London this weekend but by looking at the photo’s over on Instagram (#StreamTeam) it seems it was a blast. Following on the back of Dreamwork’s successful animated movies How To Train Your Dragon (1&2) came an animated series titled “Dragons”, with their latest series “Dragon’s: Race to The Edge” being released exclusive to Netflix last Friday. The series augmentin 250 mg follows Toothless and Hiccup as they discover a powerful  and mysterious relic called the Dragon Eye which leads them to undiscovered islands and in tern new dragons. H loved the How to Train Your Dragon Films so no doubt this will be high on his viewing lists during the summer months…


dangermouse Neflix

Following on from Father’s Day this month, came several retro classics being released onto Netflix (fit for both Mum’s and Dad’s as well as the little ones). The one which we have already been guilty of educating H into is Danger Mouse.

Originating in 1981, Dangermouse (voiced by David Jason) and his trusted sidekick Penfold (Terry Scott) play the role of crime fighting secret agents mainly against the evil village Baron Greenback. Described as a loose parody of films such as James Bond, this become a favourite of mine growing up and still appears to be now 🙂 Danger Mouse ended in 1992 but there a plans to bring it back this year. Despite it not being the HD quality we are very much used to these days, we still really enjoyed watching it and will continue to now H is enjoying it too.


Finally we continue to watch Him and Her as introduced last month, a BBC series we are now into season 2 with Steve showing his jealous side of the attention Becky gets, whilst battling with his will for her to move in against the reality that it means his life as a “lad” would be over (even though it is Becky that helps him maintain his laddish lifestyle).

him-and-her June

Thats this month’s update, check out my instagram feed as well as twitter for snip bits throughout the month.


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Netflix Stream Team

NB: We are part of the Netflix StreamTeam which includes a years free subscription to Netflix in exchange for updates on how we find the offering as well as what we are watching as a family. All views expressed remain my own.