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Netflix Stream Team

Previously I’ve written about my Top 10 favourite children’s programmes due to the fact that ever since H was born, it seems our television is constantly on one of those kids channels. Even after he’s gone bed we constantly find ourselves staring blankly at one of his favourite cartoons, whether through tiredness or simply a subconscious love of these.

After the little ones have completely settled though, Mrs F and I try and relax ourselves and have developed a love of box sets over the past few years, and it was in fact during an episode of Dexter just over seven month when Mrs F’s contractions started and a few hours later D was born. We also recently introduced a no-phone / social media night (*credits to Katie @ MummyDaddyMe) to ensure we really switch off and spend quality time together so was really pleased to be asked to join the Netflix Stream Team for this year.

Netflix Stream Team

I’ve always been curious about joining Netflix previously as it seems that my current (soon to be cancelled) digital package rises month on month lately to the point we can no longer justify spending close to £100 a month on it when 80% of the time H watches the free to air channels and we catch up on box sets. As our viewing trends have shifted from (me) watching every football match going and (Mrs F) watching, well actually she still watch’s trash TV, we began to look into taking the plunge.

So we were absolutely chuffed to bits when we were offered the chance to be part of their Stream Team and enjoy Netflix for the next zithromax canada pharmacy year as well as getting to preview new content before anyone else, it was a no brainer.


Over the year I plan to give an update each month as to what we are watching as a family at the moment as well as comparing the viewing content in comparison to our previous “all singing and dancing”, yet extremely expensive digital package.


For those that aren’t aware, Netflix offers three different packages all with no minimum contract meaning they can be cancelled at any point. Prices currently range from £5.99 per month which gives you one non HD account with unlimited viewing and no adverts  through to its top package at £8.99 per month giving you full HD viewing with the ability to watch it on up to 4 different devices (TV, tablets, computers, phones, consoles) all at the same time, perfect for a growing family who all like to watch different things. Netflix also has exclusive content and series such as House of Cards, The Fall and my personal favourite Orange is the New Black. 

I can’t wait to start planning more date nights with Mrs F as well as seeing what content is available for H. As promised, I’ll keep you updated alone the way.


If you have any recommendations for what to watch, leave them in the comments below 🙂


Jim x


NB: I have been provided a free one year subscription of Netflix in exchange for my own honest views on the service and will be blogging about these over the coming period. Each time I blog about these, I will ensure this disclaimer is at the end of the post