Netflix Night In with Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday

We love watching Netflix, it doesn’t matter whether is a late night secret binge of Pretty Little Liars whilst Mrs F sleeps soundly next to me, whether its H logging into his child only section to watch some Curious George, Paw Patrol or a Disney Classic or a date night in watching some of our favourite Netflix Originals such as Orange is the New Black or House of Cards, there’s always something for every occasion.

We often let H have a Friday night stop up, popcorn and a film (dependant on his tiredness) but I admit it does usually include a film which we have watched a 1,000 times before or something which leaves Mrs F and I nodding off before H does.

Netflix Night In

That said, when we recently received a delivery from our Netflix StreamTeam buddies inviting us to take part in watching Pee-Wee’s latest instalment, Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday, but with the added incentive of a scavenger hunt of opening set boxes during the film, H was already sold on what we’d be watching the Friday just passed…..

Our box contained an invite to watch the film, a set of instructions and eight numbered plain white boxes of various sizes. The instructions were on a roadmap depicting Pee-Wee’s journey through America towards the Big Apple and were pretty simple to follow:

  1. At seven different points during the film you were to look out for a scene as per the photo’s on the map – This was your “Get Ready” phase…
  2. Upon seeing the second photo at that buy azithromycin 100 mg point, you could then open the corresponding box

Boom! Simple, we just needed to watch the film, check against the map/instructions and open the different sizes boxes along the way…

H was going to be the map reader and he was so excited about his extra responsibilities that he wanted to get our Netflix Night In Blanket and Netflix Socks and settle down for the film.


Prior to starting the film we were also allowed to open Box 1 which contained a big person and little person Pee-Wee t-shirt, recreating his famous attire of red dicky bow and tuxedo shirt.


The film is all about Pee-Wee Herman venturing out of his hometown of Fairville on his first ever holiday and in turn party invite in the Big Apple. Expect comedy, slapstick as well as a true friendship story lobbed in and your on the right lines.

Throughout the movie H was on top form spotting all the cue points to open the boxes as well as the unwrapping (obviously). We were presented with various items such as milkshake glasses, friendship bands, sweets, banners and some good American Ruffles along way the way as well as being able to watch a film we hadn’t seen before.


Another great family night thanks to Netflix and their Netflix Night In…


Until Next Time

Jim x



NB: We are members of the Netflix StreamTeam and are provided with various merchandise and an annual subscription to Netflix in exchange for several reviews throughout the year, all views and opinions expressed remain our own.