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#MySundayPhoto – Twinning Is Winning

Twinning Is Winning

So Its been a while since I got involved with Linky’s although one I’ve always enjoyed is Darren’s from, titled #MySundayPhoto. If you haven’t checked out Darren’s website before then its worth a visit both from a photography information as well as stunning images point of view.

Anyways, I’m back on the link trail now (both in launching a new LEGO related one with Me, The Man and The Kids) as well as starting back up in Darren’s #MySundayPhoto one too.

Twinning Is Winning

This week is H and D both dressed in the same outfits, The jumper is from Next and although is branded within the girls section, when we saw them, we knew it would be a great chance to match them up together… I know if you’re like me, those with siblings hated this when we were young but thankfully they’re not at this stage just yet. 😉


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