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My Sunday Photo: 19.04.2015 (Good Neighbours)

My Sunday Photo

This weeks My Sunday Photo is dedicated to our neighbours.

We will hopefully (touch wood) be looking to exchange on a new family home within the coming weeks and upsize from our current home which feels like it is getting smaller by the minute.

The one thing we will definitely miss though is our neighbours. This is a picture of R holding our little princess D. R is Part of R&S and these have to be the best neighbours we have even known. At over 80 years old, R&S are still going strong. They will take your bins out, paints your fences, looking after D & H, make alterations on clothes for you, lend you any kitchen products under the sun (they buy amoxicillin always seem to have a stock pile). We get on so well with them, H is regularly round their house watching kids programmes which scoffing his mouth full of biscuits that they give him.


R&S also take post from the postie for us (R knows the postman), mow our lawn, you name it, there’s nothing they wouldn’t do and as such, over the 8 years we have been living next to them, they have become like family.


So this week has to be decided to them, and this lovely photo I took the other day, thanks for everything you do for us R&S and although we are moving, we still plan to continue our friendship moving forward.