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My Dream Bathroom

Having recently talked about our plans to turn our house into a home and the fact we were pretty much set on making “modifications” to pretty much every room. Two rooms I failed to mention was the bathroom and the en-suite.

Both rooms are pretty drab, plain white tiles, white walls, white suite and absolutely no colour at all in the master, whereas in our ensuite we have a mix of magnolia walls, grey hexagonal flooring and cream tiles, add to that a dark brown cabinet and you have what might be known in the trade as mix and match. Now both bathrooms are relatively clean, no mould (thankfully) but they do have signs of ageing. If you look closely, you can see the typical limescale build ups, the rusting of the shower cubical and the taps are showing their age too. All signs this 10 year old makeover is due a little update.



The issue is, I know not a single thing about bathrooms, plumbing scares the life out of me and as for removing tiles…. I’ll leave that to the professionals.

That said it still doesn’t stop me looking into how I’d like our bathroom and ensuite to look, I say I but the truth is Mrs F’s style will more than likely be the complete opposite to what I’m about to talk about.

The suites

The have loads of different types of bath suites from standard bath suites through to freestanding, corner, shower baths and of course en-suites so picking a set is no easy feat. What is important to consider is your room size (obviously) and being able to fit everything in. For me, that means that shower baths and free standing are a no-no as we simply don’t have the space. Having our two little ones though means that a bath is still essential so as much as I love those massive shower cubicles, for the master bathroom I went for the following.

Vitra S50 Bathroom Suite

This Vitra S50 is a pretty standard looking suite however look closely and you can see that its a very square looking suite giving you a modern and contemporary feel. I also liked the fact that the bath came in three different widths meaning you could really stretch to your limits in terms of size. With the fact that the bath taps position is in the centre of the bath, it also means that nobody has to take the tap/plug end when sharing too. Great for money saving and not romantic baths… obviously 😉68658_image

This suite comes in at £750 dependant on upgrades. We would go for a slightly bigger bath, the comfort plus toilet (nobody wants just a standard throne do they?) as well as upgrading the tap to a mixer including a shower head. This would be great for quickly washing off dirt from the little ones rather than having a full on shower.


Hudson Reed Bainbridge Suite

My other choice would be the Hudson Reed Bainbridge suite which looks fantastic. Its extremely modern and I love how the toilet is off the ground giving you a feeling of space. I also like how you can tile up against the bath giving you the impression of the bath being sunk into the room. The waterfall effect mixer taps which come with this also oozes class.

2013-5-4--6-41-22-166_Temp-LAt double the price of the first one, this comes in at £1500 but you can see why as it really does give you the feeling of a top class hotel bathroom suite.


My final choice would have to be looking at updating the en suite. Its very rare Mrs F or I use the main bathroom so due to the fact we use our little augmentin online pharmacy ensuite so often, so updating this would be great.

Milano Piasa 900mm Quandrant Shower Suite

I couldn’t decide on this one but in the end I’ve gone for the Milano Piasa 900mm quadrant which is larger than our current square effect shower giving you a much better feel of space when showering, especially when it comes to those cold dark nights.


It also means that Mrs F can put her ridiculous amount of shampoo’s and conditioners in there without taking up more space than me trying to shower…. apparently she NEEDS all the varieties as her hair doesn’t like sign the same ones all the time. I also really love the taps which come with this suite, not your traditional bog standard en suite attire but a classier looking mixer.


This suite comes in at £479 but for a little extra money, that extra space is more than worth it.



The next stage is to choose the all important tiles. Tiles really finish the bathrooms off and give it that all important character. As I mentioned earlier, our current bathrooms offer little or too much colours so I’m looking for something that looks modern and stylish yet still have come colour in it. have a massive range of tiles from bathrooms to kitchen, wall to floor so choosing wasn’t exactly easy. They do offer free samples though so its worth getting some if you can’t decide on your choice straight off.

Having spent a great time looking, I finally decided on the following:

Brix Stratum Anthracite Wall Tile

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 20.57.59

I’ve always wanted a grey bathroom and love the idea that, just like any other room in your house, you can have a feature wall. These Brix Stratum long thin effect tiles not only give a bit of texture to the bathroom but all mean that you can get away with minimal grouting which is a winner in my eyes.

These are 450mm x 310mm and cost £2.09 per tile (£14.98 a sq meter)



This Velvet range has several varieties I love, again giving that grey feel and keeping with the modern feel.


These long tiles will really help to give the impression that our bathroom is bigger than what it is. I also love how there are three tile styles used together in the stock image above but that don’t look out of place either meaning rather than having just one pattern all around the room, we can look to incorporate a few.

These come in 900mm x 300 and cost £6.21 per tile (£23.00 a sq metre)



For the en-suite I would really like to go for something dark and these Matisse black tiles really give that “manly / dad” feel. How I would get Mrs F to agree to these would be to add some really vivid colours to them like hot pink towels or such like to both bring out the black but highlight the complimenting colours.


These tiles come in at various prices ranging from £1.07 a tile to £1.41 but more importantly all come in at around £12.97 a square metre.


So thats my idea for a dream bathroom. I’ve created a pinterest board if you want to see more photo’s and links to all things discussed in my post.

Follow James Flowers’s board Dream Bathroom on Pinterest.

As discussed above, whether Mrs F will go for any of this remains to be seen but I’m currently due to begin painting D’s room using a rather expensive paint as recommended by Mrs F so brownie points at the ready.


Until next time




NB: This post was written as part of my competition entry in conjunction with Tile Mountain and the Big Bathroom Shop.