Family Time

Moving House

Sorry I’ve been a little quiet on both the blogging and social media front as of the past week or so however as some of you may have been aware, we have just moved house and wow, what a stressful few weeks its been.

Having been searching for well over a year now, I began to think we would never find somewhere which;

  1. Fell in line with our budget
  2. Was big enough to fit our family in and have a little space for manoeuvre
  3. Was in the right area

Granted, the first one was my thinking and the latter two was Mrs F’s… I mean, as long as there is space for an external Dad Cave, I honestly wasn’t too fussed about how big the rooms were inside. Likewise, having originated from Leicester, I wasn’t too precious about which area we lived in within the Staffordshire boarders (although there are some salubrious places 😉 ) Only kidding… I was bothered about the room sizes, the whole reason for the move was that ever since our gorgeous D came along, space has been at a premium and increasingly our house felt like it was getting smaller as we accumulated more things.


At Christmas we did have an offer accepted on a place which ticked two out of the three boxes (in my opinion) but unfortunately, we fell foul of the vendor accepting a higher offer after ours with no chance to negotiate and therefore with our hopes of settling down into a new home diminished, we prepared to bat it out for another few months, much to the disappointment of Mrs F and I.

We then decided to review our requirements… Was we being too picky? Were we expecting too much for our money? Did we need to compromise more? After much discussion and research we realised that if we wanted all our requirements to be met, we would need to increase our budget.


Having come to the reality of this, we made sure we did our homework in terms of how much it would cost us and how it would impact our monthly outgoings but after realising it was within our means, we immediately found a house which was perfect for us as a family and within the space of two days, viewed and had an offer accepted and the search had ended.


Cue eight weeks on (it felt like an eternity) and this bank holiday weekend just passed we finally moved into our new family home. 🙂

It has bedrooms for everyone (even me if I fall out with Mrs F 😉 ) a lovely big flat garden, a conservatory / playroom, its in a quiet cul-de-sat, meters away from play fields and even has a garage for me to hide away in at the weekends. Its perfect!


Over the moving weekend my Fitbit fitness band told me I had done over 80,000 steps totalling over 30 miles and nearly 150 flights of stairs. My body was aching come bank holiday Monday however it was all worth it seeing H running around the garden like he’d just been let out from prison… and D being able to crawl through the whole downstairs house and then back again as if she were in competition for steps with me, Mrs F foaming at the mouth at the prospect of home interior designs (despite it needing little to no work).

IMG_4776 IMG_4778


With the help of some great friends and family (and a big Luton van) we were able to get most of our prized (and some not so) possessions moved in the space of a day with the remaining bank holiday consisting of a screwdriver / allen key glued to my hands. Moving House


I can see already that it was completely the right decision to up our budget slightly and that this is the house for us, it already feels like home 🙂


Jim x