My MiniMe with Next – Fathers Day 2016

Next MiniMe

Fathers Day tends to be a tough time for me as of late, having lost my Dad and ultimately my Hero five years ago this year, its a bitter sweet time of the year, one because it remains me my Dad never got to meet H (and subsequently D) but equally, I love having to little ones (and ultimately Mrs F) fuss over me.

The question has always been what to get me for Father’s Day and whilst most of the things I’d really like are pretty expensive (and unrealistic), I honestly am probably the worse person to buy for as I’m not one of those fussed with a bunch of cheap and cheerful gifts as I’ll never use them or they appear a waste of money.

One thing I don’t tend to spend money on as much as I should is clothes. As much as I love having new outfits, being a parent you naturally tend to buy clothes for your little ones than yourself so when OneDadOneBlog was approached by clothing retailer NEXT this year to ask if we would be interested in their MiniMe campaign we jumped at the chance.

MiniMe Next Fathers Day

Mrs F and I both love Next clothing, whether its for ourselves or the little ones and are both guilty of taking turns to queue up for their sale days at ridiculous o’clock in the morning to ensure we get loads of great outfits for the kids for fantastic prices (although I normally end up with the Boxing Day one :-/ ).

The brief was simple, style both you and your son in matching outfits… Now wait a minute, when I was a boy, having matching outfits with your sibling was clearly NOT cool, well that was then and it was with an older sibling and involved shell suits. Nowadays having a matching outfit to your son is WAY cool and is acceptable if it involves a retailer like NEXT.

The Outfit

We went for an outfit which would have several uses from smart casual to more formal whilst still not being overly formal.

  1. We started with a grey pair of bottoms, skinny stretch jeans in my case and linen for H. Grey really is an alternative colour which lends itself well to the summer months. H’s linen bottoms are multi use too having a handy roll up function if he wants to stay even cooler or take a dip in the sea.
  2. We both went for light blue shirts, again H went for the linen option which kept his light and airy whereas I went for the Oxford style long sleeve which looks formal, however roll the sleeves up and you have a stylish more relaxed look.
  3. On our feet we both went for the loafer look which is really on trend at the moment. I went for a suede style with tassels whereas H a more hard wearing leather option whilst still retaining the loafer look.
  4. In order to make the outfits multi use, we opted for blazer jackets, both helping to complete the look for more evening attire but the colour and combination means it wasn’t too formal.
  5. Finally being both fans of Trilby’s (our rounder heads aren’t suited to caps) we topped the outfits off with these simple designs but fab for keeping the sun out of our eyes but not being too hot when wearing them.


We had such fun strutting our stuff over the weekend and really perfected our Zoolander “Blue Steel” poses… I think there might just be a modelling career for us yet.

I’ve created a Pinterest board if you want to check out the codes for outfits in more detail.



Until next time

Jim x


NB: We were provided with outfits for both H and I in collaboration with Next for their MiniMe campaign but all views and opinions remain our own.