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Being a Master Builder with LEGOland Discovery Manchester

I love blogging and all the things that surround it, the community, the chance to be able to speak freely, the comments and the fantastic opportunities and experiences we get through it, especially when these experiences bring such happiness and joy to my little ones.

The past weekend was one of them, okay I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I was massively looking forward to it but still, H was clearly on another level to me or had ants in his pants as he couldn’t keep still (or quiet) for the days leading up to it.

I’ve written about H’s love and enjoyment of LEGO on many occasions, mainly through our fun being part of the Lego Family Bloggers Team however just over a month or so ago, H decided he wanted to build his impression of a replica of our local shopping centre, Intu Potteries. This was picked up by the lovely marketing team there who asked if they could have it and display it within their centre for all to see. Obviously H was sceptical at first but when he realised his beloved Lego would be replaced he was more than happy… Kids eh 😉 As it was he ended up building their new entertainment / dinning extension “The Hive” too and before we knew it, H saw his creation displayed locally for all to see.


Pre Car Journey Selfie


A few weeks passed and out of nowhere we had a fab email from Intu Potteries saying his replica was being enjoyed so much as a thank you they wanted to give H a VIP trip to Legoland Discovery Centre based at their sister shopping centre Intu Trafford Centre in Manchester including some time spent with a master builder!

We purposely didn’t tell H about it until a couple of days before as we knew he’ll be massively excited… if I was smiling like a Cheshire Cat, he would be unable to function until the day came.

Master Builder

This Sunday just passed H and I had a “boys day out” as the day had finally come to visit. Master builder Alex was waiting for us when we arrived. Thankfully H and I was still on speaking terms despite our brief falling out over my refusal to play the Snowman CD on the journey there…


Alex took the time to explain the visit to H, at his level, showing him the map of the venue and the all important Master Builder workshop. Alex was so attentive towards H and his sole focus was on him, this was his day and he wanted to make sure H felt that.

We made our way through the Legoland Discovery centre, listening to how the bricks were made, shooting skeletons and trolls in the interactive laser gun ride, passing through miniworld buy zithromax 250 mg spotting iconic landmarks in Lego form such as Alton Towers, Manchester, Liverpool Docks and more.


It was then that H was gaining more confidence and asking more questions about LEGO, builds, how the bricks work etc to Alex, one of those being where did he get his lanyard from?!? At this point I must state that H has a mini obsession with them, he has several. Good one H, we are at Legoland Discovery Centre and you ask about the lanyard.


Anyway, we made our way to the cinema room where they were showing a new 4D mini film of Lego Movie. Having been squirted on with water, snowed on of lemonade and trying to grab the 3D effects H was in his elements but the day was about to get better when Alex met us outside of it….with H’s very own Lanyard!! It was such a lovely thought  and clearly H was in awe now, being able to strut around thinking he was now a Lego master builder himself.

We were invited into Alex’s personal building room which was full of compartments containing hundreds of Lego pieces, my future man cave, where H was set the task of using his imagination to build some Lego sweeties before we loaded them on to a candy train and watched as the whizzed by.

IMG_0045Following this H then got to help Alex in making sure the miniland displays were all ok, performing repairs and making sure all mini figures had hair as many of the visitors have a tendency to take some…tut tut. Some people might hate the idea of this but to H, it was perfect as added to his imagination that he was a master builder and worker there.
IMG_0038We then said our goodbyes and thanks to Alex and continued to explore the centre as well as having some lunch. After a play in the soft play, some free build play time, a ride on the police cars before climbing through the Ninjago lasers to make our way to the shop and out to the car.

We had a fantastic day and one that H and me won’t forget for a long while. H couldn’t wait to tell Mrs F and an uninterested D all about his experience and no doubt all his friends and teachers this week.

Just before I went to bed on the Sunday night I popped in as I always do to check on him and he had snuck out of bed to get his lanyard and was fast asleep wearing it…most likely dreaming of being a master builder.


I wasn’t asked to write any kind of post but I really want to thank the team at intu, intu potteries and Alex at Legoland Discovery Centre for a fantastic day.


Until next time



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