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Making Time For My Family This Fathers Day

Father’s Day is the best day of the year, yeah? Well it is for me… I don’t get another year older like my birthday, yet still get to receive hand made cards, lots of kisses, presents (obviously) and be spoilt rotten. But what about my family? They have to make do with my numerous commitments and time-sucking activities which in turn take me away from them.

Online appliance and electronics giants really made me think last week when their email popped into my inbox in that although I LOVE to be spoilt, my family are whats really important to me and despite my obsession with gadgets, tech, electronics, they are the one thing I miss when I’m working away with my day job, of which I seem to be doing “quite a lot” lately.

H is now at the stage is really does notice as well as affecting him, you can see his sadness in his face as I kiss him goodnight and remind him I’ll be gone well before he wakes up and I’m not back for a couple of days. Yeah we FaceTime all the time, he loves to see my hotel rooms, but Mrs F confirms he’s sometimes quiet, teary at times and albeit very rarely, his behaviour might get a little testing. Mrs F, I’m sure obviously misses me too, especially at night and my relunctance to snuggle up in these warmer months ūüėČ … I’d also like to think she misses my equal parenting / team work with household chores etc too. D is still only young but she’s always the one to coming running to me for a big hug and a squeeze when I return home from a long week so sure she just as much misses me.


Whilst we all appreciate that work is a necessity to no only pay the bills, but to also help to contribute towards the lifestyle we lead, it still clearly takes a lot of my time up, add that to my blogging, DIY I’m currently helping my father in law with, a Photo Booth business I used to run, my School Governor responsibilities I also have and even I don’t know how I find time to brush my teeth let along enjoy time with those who matter most. challenged me to find 4 things I could do to help redress the balance and possibly do during Father’s Day on Sunday.


1.  Visit a local park

We are fortunate to have somewhere beautiful like Trentham Garden’s on our doorstep with huge open areas and plenty of space to Scoot, to explore, to play in the park and more.


2. Have a family games night

We have plenty of board games in our house but never find time to play them… its more about making time to play them though. Get the munchies in such as Crisps, snacks, fruit kababs and popcorn, lock to world away and enjoy some good family fun, stay up a little later than normal and start using all those board games received at Christmases past.


3. Go to the beach

Don’t worry about the weather, yes it will make it 1000 times better if its sunny but whatever the weather, commit to doing it, play on the 2p tipping point machines, grab a stick of rock, touch the sand and don’t forget the all important fish and chips

4. Craft / Bake

Yes I did just swear fellow Mums and Dads but your kids will love it, getting stuck in with all things glue and glitter or eggs and flour will be sure to bring a smile to children’s faces and if you can put the mess to one side, I also think before long you’ll be having a fun (maybe slightly competitive) afternoon as a whole family… maybe even consider a joint family piece too.


Making Memories

Whatever you do, be sure to capture the moment, all the above will not only make fantastic memories, but will also make fantastic photo’s or videos and one of the GroPro Action cameras would be the perfect addition to any family, not just as a fathers day gift but as a way of documenting all your family fun. I’ve been testing out this GoPro Hero Session 5 over the past week which is a really fun and feature rich action camera.

With 4K video recording and 10mp camera its really compact and won’t take up much space in any bag. Although it doesn’t have a built in live screen, it does have the ability to pair up to your smart phone and use that as your screen. Once you’ve finished, you can even send the video to your phone and edit on the go. Throw into that built in voice control, waterproof up to 10 meters and mountable with over 30 of GoPro’s various accessories, there is something for everyone. In fact,¬†team it up with the GoPro 3 way Camera Mount and you’ll be able to capture those moments enjoyed as a family and at any situation too so during those times of loneliness, those times I’m not around, those that mean the most can look back and remember that for every day I’m not around, it means another fun one is just around the corner…

Maybe you would love to give back this Father’s day, or have ideas on how to do more as a family. If so, I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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NB: This is a collaborative post with, although all ideas are my own.