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Making your home Smart with Future Home Shop

Smart Home Future Home Shop

If you follow my blog closely you will know over the time, my home has become ‘Smarter” along the way. As well as our beloved Hive Heating system, we’ve also added a vast array of Smart Home related products in order to help make things “easier” such as Google Home, IP Cameras and Smart plugs to name a few. One thing I’ve always wanted as add to the collection was Smart Bulbs. It seems the obvious choice and is typically the cheapest of the vast smart product base which is now available so when the smart appliances online site, Future Home Shop got in touch, it was an easy decision.

Future Home Shop is a UK based company based in Cheshire and specialise in selling all things Smart enabled ranging from Smart Home Security through to Smart Heating and connected appliances as well as smart products suitable for keeping a connected eye on your little ones. The have free next day delivery as well as a 5* google rating for peace of mind. As well as this they offer an advice line if you are not sure what to buy or if things are compatible with existing devices you may have.Future Home Shop

I was super excited to be provided with the Philips Hue White & Colour Ambiance Starter Kit from the Future Home Shop Smart Lighting range. The set is great for anyone wanting to start a collection of smart lighting as it not only comes with 3 bulbs which can change to the full spectrum of colours, but they also comes with its hub which you need to connect them altogether, intact the latest set also comes with a dimmer and remote switch too.

Out of the box it was incredibly simple to set up… yes I’m tech minded so I already had an idea, but all you need to do is firstly download the Philip Hue app to your smartphone or tablet, next install the bulbs like you would any normal bulb, switch them on and then connect up the hub to a power source and to your router via a LAN cable.

Once this is complete, just follow the pictorial step by step instructions (which basically tell you to do as above) and then press the button located on the hub to join your bulbs to your app.

From here you can do all sorts of things from:

  • Set up groups of bulbs – handy if you locate several in one room
  • Turn them on and off – either singular or all together
  • Change the colours – from white to warm as well as the rainbow of colours available too
  • Select scenes such as Tropical Twilight and Artic Aurora which fluctuates between similar colours in that spectrum
  • Creating a certain mood – so for example on Valentines day setting to collection of bulbs to pink shades to represent love… or a salubrious massage parlour

You can also set things up like sleep and wake timers, connect it to your phones geo-location so they turn on automatically when you come home and even get them to mimic your TV screens colours to create an immersive experience when watching your favourite movies… Don’t forget you can also connect it to your Google Home or Amazon Echo devices to voice command them to come on, off and even change to a set colour.

There are also an array of third party apps available which can also add all kinds of functions to your bulbs, one I downloaded gave you a disco feature where the bulbs circumnavigated through the whole colour spectrum on repeat creating a disco type atmosphere… the children loved it but it wasn’t great for my head.


The one major floor I find with them though is that your light switch needs to be in the on position all the time providing power to them for them to be able to work, so for example if Mrs F who doesn’t have the app currently installed naturally switches them off at the end of the night, they become defunct until someone switches them on at the wall switch again, something that we keep doing as routine has taught us so over the years.

Once we do get used to this new routine, these multi use smart lighting bulbs will become just as natural as the other Smart Home related products we currently find ourselves now using on a day to day basis and our home will continue to become smarter… as well as I’ll continue to enjoy gadgets which benefit not just my thirst for new technology, but the family as well. I’d call that a Win Win!


For more information on Smart home online store, Future Smart Home, and their ever expanding product range, check out their site now.


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NB: I was provided with a set of Philips Smart Home Bulbs in exchange for an honest review of the service and bulbs, all opinions are that of my own.