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“Little Trikers” starring D (oh and Olympic Champion Greg Rutherford)

Keeping active once you become a parent is massively important (not that it wasn’t before) and I dread not being able to run, chase and have outdoor fun with both children as they get older. Sure we have D’s stroller and we can go for walks using this but it doesn’t promote being active, independence and helps D to learn co-ordination skills. Its summertime now and with the days being filled with glorious sunshine (well some of them anyway), now is the time to really push forward with enjoying the great outdoors as a family.


Little Tikes is an iconic brand amongst all parents as well as those not parents, I can remember playing with my Little Tikes Cozy Coupe when I was a little boy and I’m please to say H enjoys his own Cozy Coupe, amongst other Little Tikes products we have purchased along the way.


We were recently invited to a secret event held in the lovely Milton Keynes (no seriously) at a place named Willen Lake We wasn’t told too many details in the lead up other than it was only a small select group of bloggers and an Olympic Gold Medalist who had been invited?! Its not everyday you get to hang out with an Olympic champion so I made sure D was dressed in her best attire. It would also be Mrs F’s first day being away from D all day as I was taking her on my own for our little secret adventure.


The journey down from sunny Stoke on Trent to the concrete town that is Milton Keynes was relatively stress free as I’d timed it in with D’s morning nap so thankfully she slept for the entire journey other than the final 10 minutes so we BOTH arrived feeling fresh and stress free. We arrived at a beautiful park named Willen Lake which is home to a massive Lake (obvs) as well as various activities, parks, cafes and of course a lovely path to amble around.


Having met the lovely ladies from Azaria, I spotted a tall slender looking man, which was great as it meant I wasn’t the only Dad at the event (not that I don’t enjoy being the only Dad at events) but he was instantly recognisable as Olympic Champion, British Long Jump record holder and MBE Greg Rutherford. OK, so he isn’t as fit as Jessica Enis (sorry Greg), but he and his lovely partner Susie (of My Milo and Me) came over with their gorgeous boy Milo and introduced themselves and were absolutely lovely.


I was joined by fellow bloggers Emma (Mrs Shilts), Danielle (Blog By Baby), Hannah (Budding Smiles), Lauren (Mummy is a GadgetGeek) and Ruth (RocknRoller Baby) along with our little ones who were each given their own set of wheels, their very own Little Tikes 4 in 1 Sports Edition Trike!

With four different learning stages, the 4 in 1 Trike is perfect as your little one gets older and develops:

  • Guided (9 months plus)
  • Learning (12 months plus)
  • Developing (18 months plus)
  • Independent (30 months plus)

D is still in the guided stage so thankfully Daddy keeps control of both steering and peddling at the moment and the 5 point hardness ensures she stays safe throughout any journey. More details of the stages can be found here


Following some photographs and some introductions, we set off on a lovely stroll around part of the lake, enjoying both quality time with our little ones (in/on their Trikes), some natter with fellow bloggers as well as the chance to ask Greg and Susie how they are finding parenting especially around Greg’s sporting schedule. Their experiences and concerns are very much the same as everyone elses and it was so refreshing to speak to them and realise they are just like any other parent. Similar to ourselves, they to get the feeling of guilt at times augmentin 1000 mg when, after a hard day at work all you want to do is put your feet up and rest but in the back of your head your guilt strings are telling you that you should be spending more time as a family doing things together.


Little Tikes commissioned an independent survey conducted by 2,000 UK families which also confirmed that we as a nation of parents worry about getting out and about and spending enough quality time together. Therefore Little Tikes have launched a summer campaign to ditch the guilt and enjoy the great outdoors with their “Little Trikers”. As part of the campaign, which encourages parents to go onto the Little Tikes website and check out the various routes and places across the UK which are great places to visit with families, they are also giving away 50 of their 4 in 1 Sports Edition Trikes! There is also a grand prize £1000 worth of Little Tikes toys to win too.


All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning one of the Trikes or the top prize is register on their site, upload a photo of your little one and select which type of Triker your child is (from a list of 6) and share it with your friends, gaining a minimum of 5 likes to be entered into the prize draw. Just visit to enter!


After half the way, we stopped off and listened as Greg talked and showed us all some extra pointers we could incorporate in addition to a leisurely stroll should we want to maximise our time when outdoors, these included:

  • Using a pedometer/smart phone to count our steps,
  • Taking the whole family out so everyone benefits,
  • Mixing routes up so it doesn’t get boring
  • Lunges (for the more adventurous) or walking tall as this stretches the stomach muscles and helps improve your posture too.


Having built up an appetite we all stopped off for a lovely (and very welcome) picnic where both parent and child enjoyed some tasty finger food before making our journey back to the starting point…. and having a natter again of course. 😉


Photo: Me telling Greg and Hannah (Budding Smiles) I jumped longer than him in my back yard once 🙂


D really enjoyed the stroll, the weather was overcast at times with the sun making regular appearances which was fine as the Little Tikes 4 in 1 Sports Edition Trike comes with a removable Sun visor which meant I was able to keep her covered when we felt the warmth of its rays. It was also great to see the different stages of the 4 in 1 Trike being used as our children were all at differing ages so you could see how the Trike lasts from 9 months up to and above 3 years.  Check out the fantastic video made of the day to see for yourself… I’m thinking of becoming a leg model with pins like mine… use my contact form to get in touch if you have some work you’d like me to do 🙂



We can’t wait to get involved in the #LittleTrikers campaign and will certainly be taking ours with us to one of our favourite local destinations, Trentham Gardens, perfect for D and us to enjoy some family time together this summer.

Thank you to Little Tikes, the ladies from Azaria and of course Greg and Susie for inviting us to the event.

Good luck with the competition and until next time

Jim x


NB: We were provided with the Little Tikes 4 in 1 Sports Edition Trike in exchange for a collaborative post to raise awareness about getting outdoors as a family this summer as well as being part of Little Tikes promotional video for the Little Tikes “Little Triker” campaign. All opinions of the Trike remains my own.