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Little Tikes – Lil’ Ocean Explorers

Lil' Ocean Explorers

So the other month I get an email from the lovely peeps at Azaria inviting D and I to the launch of a new range of toys from our friends at Little Tikes titled Lil’ Ocean Explorers. Being the Little Tikes fans we are, I booked a day’s holiday with work and decided going on the Train would be our best option for D’s first trip to the capital… reality then hit.

  1. The Train journey down would be 2 hours 30 minutes – D doesn’t sleep great during the day at the best of times so spending 5 hours with her on a train, a small confined space was going to be tough.
  1. Navigating the London Underground with a buggy – the little podge is too heavy to carry around in a baby sling now and I didn’t fancy rocking up to the event sweating like I’d just completed the final assault course from the old TV show Gladiator’s – whhhhhooooo!


Still, I do enjoy blogging and its great to work with such a fab company as well as be amongst some great bloggers, many who I aspire to, the venue also looked fab too (Maggie & Rose) so I duly put my fears behind me and ventured down this Thursday just past.

NB: If you are interested about my journey down in more detail keep a look out for our Timeline of a train journey to and from London coming soon.


Little Tikes is an iconic company who as I’m sure many of you, if not all of you, will associate with the Cosy Coupe cars. H has a police car (which he now uses to push D around in the garden) and I’m in no doubt that before we reach next summer (yes I’m counting down already) D will indeed be the proud owner of her own too, it’s the law, most kids should be a Cosy Coupe.


I digress, what Little Tikes had invited us down to Kensington for was the launch of their Lil’ Ocean Explorers range. Designed to discover and celebrate your babies milestones are eight colourful and fun sea creatures aimed at developing motor skills, co-ordination and increasing confidence… all whilst being great fun toys too.



The range can be broken down into two sections in my opinion (mainly decided by price), “every day toys”, of which 6 fit into this category with the remaining two being “Activity Centres” as they have more activities to them (and obviously higher in price).


Every Day Toys

Pull Chatt Lobster


Pull ‘Chatter Lobster (RRP: £9.99) – Just like the retro pull along dogs, this cute looking lobster has a tail which bobs along as well as its claw open and close (and clack) as your little one pulls it along. I always think of a younger version of the Little Mermaid’s Claude when I see this one.



Crawl n' pop

Crawl n’ Pop Turtle (RRP: £16.99) – One of my favourites of the range, this modern take on a shape sorter ensures your little one can’t just sit still and push blocks through holes as the turtle moves around the floor in random directions to encourage your little ones to crawl about after it. Upon putting all the shapes into the Turtle’s shell, it keeps his party trick a secret until the end when it pops any shapes fitted into it’s shell back out ready to start all over again.


Ball Chase Octopus


Ball Chase Octopus (RRP: £14.99) – Exactly what it says in the name, the aim of this one is to load the octopus’ tentacles up with accompanying plastic balls and when you press down on his head, the tentacles spins around and the balls shoot out across the floor to chase and bring back.


Push 'n glow


Push n’ Glow Fish (RRP: £8.99)
– This little clown fish is a simple push along toy which plays fun sounds and lights up when pressed. Ideal as a stocking filler or birthday gift for a friends baby without breaking the bank.


catch me crabby


Catch Me Crabbie (RRP: £14.99) – My other favourite of the collection, this crab has built in motion detection so when it senses your child approaching, just like real crabs it will move from side to side clapping its claws whilst playing music. Great fun.




sealDunk’n Juggle Seal (RRP: £19.99) – The aim of this one is to place the balls into the seals hand hoop which when done so the seal begins to clap before opening his flippers and releasing the balls down the ramps across the floor for your little one to chase. Personally I wasn’t greatly impressed with this one as everytime D put the balls into the hand hoop, she would try and retrieve them before the seal had let go and then get her hand stuck in the hoop.


Activity Centres

Little Tikes


Stand ‘N Dance Starfish (RRP: £29.99) – This starfish tower has piano like button’s around the base of the unit which light up when pressed as well as playing music. At the top is a ball slide which when your little one is at the stage of pulling themselves up / standing, they can place balls into and just like a helter skelter, the balls roll down the tower and skuttle across the floor. The piano buttons around the bottom can then be activity by standing on them too. A great aid for that cruising period.





3-in-1 Adventure Course (RRP: £79.99) – The Top option / The show stopper. This 3 in 1 adventure course is around a meter and half in length and consists of three sections. A section filled with different buttons, noise makers and such like to keep your little one stimulated when sitting. The second section has a tunnel to encourage crawling through to the third section which is an octopus with the ability to catapult balls across the room as well as down through its tentacles creating hours of fun.



The afternoon was pretty much spent as it should be, allowing the little ones to explore the new Lil’ Ocean Explorer whilst their parent bloggers enjoyed a good catch up with each other. I noticed that D really enjoyed the 3-in-1 Adventure Course as she was continually crawling through and exploring all the little buttons, interactive parts on her way through. She was also keen on the Crawl n’ Pop Turtle as despite Daddy’s reservations, the Dunk ‘n Juggle Seal.



One thing that really stood out for me with the Lil’ Ocean Explorers range was the vivid colours as well as the quality of all the toys, they really do stand out as you’ve come to expect from Little Tikes so they are certainly continuing their heritage of being built to last as they move forward into activity ranges. Certainly a group of little ones and keen bloggers didn’t manage to break them!


Maggie Rose

After further play, a fantastic lunch, including some gorgeous carrot cake, it was time to say our goodbyes and head back up north with some of our very own toys from the range and my own ‘Lil Ocean Explorer.


Thanks for the invite!


Watch Little Tikes new Lil’ Ocean Explorers video below for more in action shots as we were too busy playing to be snapping… oops!


Until next time

Jim x


NB: We were invited to the Little Tikes Lil’ Ocean Explorers lunch as well as provide with a selection of samples however all options expressed are my own