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Lego Technic Fire Plane Review (Set 42040)

Lego Technic Fire Plane Review

This is my first Lego Technic review since joining the Lego Family Bloggers team and I must admit that despite seeing the Lego Technic Fire Plane finished product on the box, and despite it looking rather fantastic, I was slightly sceptical about this build. I mean, first of all it is for older children (aged 9+) but more so, gone are the traditional bricks and its its place come what feels like hundreds of tiny connectors.

Where possible, I like to try and include H in the builds however that said, some of the traditional Lego builds have been more substantial and complicated so I have built them alone and H has then enjoyed the fruits of my hard earn labour. This one would be no different as due to the different pieces and myself not being too familiar with the pieces, I decided to build this one alone.


Straight out of the box came several bags and the first thing I noticed it unlike traditional Lego sets, these bags aren’t numbered. A quick flick through the instruction booklet told me it was a straight build rather than sections we had been previously used to.


The fantastic thing about the Lego Technic Fire Plane 42040 is that this is a two in one set whereby you can choose to build either the Fire Plane or instead choose a Fighter Jet, both having their own instruction manuals which tells you the complexity of both.


Having emptied the bags into piles on the floor, yes I still like to build Lego on the living room floor like I used to when I was in my childhood, I decided to go for the Fighter Jet first off.


For those of you that haven’t had experience in Technic Lego like me, the build is built around small black connectors and I also quickly found out that due to the small pieces used, its better to sort them all into colours, in this case the main ones were grey, black, red and blue and that way you can quickly source the right pieces and speed up the build time.


The build still took over two hours so that gives you an idea as to how much this extremely reasonable priced set (£44.99) will give you or your children.


The fighter Jet itself looks fantastic though with operating landing gear, moved up and down by turning the engine exhaust on the back. There are also moving wing flaps controlled by a like joystick like lever on the top of the plane, throw into that a main wind breaker on the top of the plane and open and close buy augmentin online cockpit window and you have multiple added features to this 6 inch long jet.


The build also comes with a couple of extras being some simple steps which will allow your pilot to climb into their cockpit as well as and incredibly details fuel pump with turning handle to refuel after winning those air battles.


The next morning when H woke and saw the Jet, he was really impressed (probably more so that the “Elves” had made it overnight whilst he slept 😉 ) however I decided that I would make the the main attraction, the Fire Plane, the next day and see how he felt about that one.


The Fire Plane is the main build of the set and it looks fantastic. The first thing I needed to do though was dismantle my prized two hour build which took all of around 20 minutes to do so. This time I took heed of my key learns from the Jet Fighter build and immediately sorted into colours. Even though I did this the build still took around 2 hours but did it look fantastic!


There are also multiple working parts of the Fire plane such as a front propeller that turns as you move the plane forward, there are also moveable flaps as per the fighter jet however the pièce de résistance has to be the use of the blue water blocks which are placed inside the plane via a flap on the top but then can be released / dropped onto fires below thanks to a pushable lever on the top of the place.


H really had loads of fun with this version of the build, more so than the fighter jet. He also found out that some of his minute toys also fitted into the compartment which meant he could imagine them parachuting out of the plane as well so found it utterly hilarious that a minion could be used as ammunition of a secret agent dropping into Batman’s secret cave.


The price tag of around £45 is very reasonable given the multipurpose of the build as well as the complexity and additional parts and despite the set being aimed at the older children, the playability of the set still appeals to the younger too.


You’ll be pushed to convince me to swap my our normal Lego’s sets for more Technic but I certainly wouldn’t turn my nose up to it if someone happened to purchase this for me this Christmas…


Until next time

Jim x


NB: The product was provided by LEGO GmbH without any obligation in regards to the content of the review and all opinions expressed are my own.