LEGO Super Heroes Micro Sets

Stuck for something to entertain your LEGO mad little ones on long journeys or days out? Or just looking for something which is ideal as a reward, doesn’t break the bank and won’t need to be thrown out the following week after its broken? Well LEGO have added some cool DC Comics and Marvel Super Heroes Micro sets to their collection!

All coming it at £8.99 these little sets are quick and simple to build and come with micro cars as well as mini augmentin antibiotic figures. Each pack features a Good vs. Evil battle, whether its Wolverine vs. Magneto over in Marvel world or Wonder Woman vs. Doomsday in DC Comic world. Better still, collect them all and have a DC Comics Vs. Marvel Battle up instead!

All sets are out now and available to buy at all good toy shops and some bad ones too, take a look at the collections over on the LEGO Superheroes and Marvel Superheroes mini site for more information.


Until next time

Jim x