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LEGO store Leicester Square London – A sneaky preview

Last night was a special night for H and I, being massive fans of LEGO and part of the LEGO Family we were fortunate to be invited to an exclusive preview of the new LEGO store Leicester Square London to see what is now the largest LEGO store in the world!

Having never taken H to see the sites and sounds of the capital before I was a apprehensive although having told H at the train station where we was going all that apprehension vanished when I saw the look of excitement on his face… the same excitement I was hiding up until this point.

LEGO Lodon Unboxing

The LEGO store is situated in the middle of Leicester Square, a stones throw away from where all the movie premiers happen which was pretty apt as this was a premier of its very own, wrapped up from the curious and excited public and only admissions through special tickets.

Inside it doesn’t disappoint with a 6 meter high working replica of Big Ben as well as its very own iconic mini figure named Lester, a quintessential English gentleman with Union Jack waistcoat and bowler hat. Spanning two floors covering all the LEGO you could ever wish for its any LEGO fans dream. Complete with an awesome replica of a London Underground Tube (another first for H) as well as a Red Phonebox along with a dragon poking out from the walls, your eyes are constantly drawn to the next amazing build.

Having enjoyed a lovely buffet and drinks to celebrate its completion, H along with Emma’s (Me, The Man and The Kids) lovely boy O took to building their very own Christmas Trees as well as being treated to their own personal assistant showing them every set possible and helping to increase their Christmas Lists in the process 😉

Whilst the boys ordering augmentin online explored, both Emma and I enjoyed our own wonder round checking out a fantastic mosaic, getting our own LEGO passports stamped and enjoying catching up with Danielle (Blog By Baby) and meeting fellow Dad bloggers Tom (Diary of a Dad) and Simon (Man vs. Pink) for the first time.

One thing that really caught my eye was the ability to have your own photo portrait turned into a LEGO design within minutes thanks to a clever photobooth which scans your face working out the perfect bricks to replicate as well as a set of instructions on how to recreate. There is also every category of LEGO available from unique pieces, to archieticure as well as all the various series such as superheroes, friends and technic. My eyes were obviously drawn to the Ghosterbusters HQ, the Disney Castle and of course the Star Wars Erik Village, whereas H was loving the amount of LEGO city and Ninjago series, his two faves at the moment.


With some exclusives available such as the iconic London bus, Lester mini-figure as well as opening offers you really should get yourself down there and experience it for yourself.

It really was a night to remember for so many reasons, H’s first experience of London and what it brings as well as his dream evening of being one of a select few to experience the LEGO store London in all its glory!


Thank you so much to LEGO for our invite and the team at LEGO store Leicester Square London for making us feel so very welcome and having such a fab time


Until next time

Jim x



NB: We were invited to an exclusive preview of the LEGO Store Leicester Square London as part of being in the LEGO Family, all views and opinions are our own but we have an awesome time!