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LEGO Nexo Knights Party – LEGOLAND Windsor

LEGO Nexo Knights

At One Dad One Blog we love working with LEGO, as its something both H and I (and D with Duplo) enjoy together. As H gets older, he is really enjoying the sets as well as general LEGO imaginative building and his patience when building the larger sets is definitely improving. Its not just LEGO sets he is showing an interest in now though, I’m sure you are aware but LEGO have several revenue streams ranging from resorts such as LEGOLAND Windsor through to computer games, movies and cartoon series, one of those being LEGO Nexo Knights.

H has pretty much watched every LEGO movie available via Netflix (and other places), in some cases several times, so we were really excited when we got an invite to attend a joint party involving the new LEGO Nexo Knights 4D Movie and LEGO Friends… with the added sweetener… it was to be held at LEGOLAND Windsor.

Living in Staffordshire, LEGOLAND Windsor isn’t a short trip like Alton Towers is for us, its a trek… a 130 mile trek to be precise and a 3 hour journey (each way). In order to be fresh for the party we stopped over in a nearby ‘you get what you pay for’ hotel (as much as H would be in dreamland to stay at the LEGOLAND Hotel, its certainly out of our budget) but this allowed us to arrive promptly at 9am (before the park opened) to be ushered through to the 4D cinema for our special viewing of the new 4D Nexo Knights Movie and before the park opened to the public.

Lego Nexo Knights is a set we haven’t checked out yet albeit been aware of, however augmentin pill that didn’t matter as these 15 minute long movies are actually a perfect introduction to the characters within the story line. Led by their hologram leader Merlock, five knights (Lance, Axl, Macy, Clay and Aaron) battle against the Jestro and The Book of Monsters in the quest of good vs evil. The movie involves all kinds of 4D effects such as wind, smoke, water and even fire as well as being 3D so really does feel like you are in the movie and with it only lasting 15 minutes, you can catch it whilst visiting the resort without it eating away at valuable ride time.

Afterwards we were then invited back to the hotel for a joint party with LEGO Friends to celebrate their new amusement park range. With party favourites such as ice cream, popcorn and disco fun and games from the Fun Kids Radio Team. Throw in amusement park favourites such as magic mirrors, face painting, a Photo Booth as well as lashing and lashings of LEGO to play with and you have one hell of a party for not just the little ones but the adults alike.

We all had a fantastic time and also took away a great LEGO themed party bag (well come on, it is a LEGO party) before spending the rest of the day enjoying the LEGOLAND Park for the rest of the day.

Thank you to LEGO for a lovely party and look out for more LEGO reviews soon.


Until next time

Jim x


NB: We are party of the LEGO Family and were invited to the LEGO Nexo Knights Party through this, all opinions always remain our own.


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