LEGO News! Launches

Happy New Year y’all! Having had a really good break from both the blog and social media during the Christmas period, I’m back feeling refreshed and ready for the new year. Despite being a full time working Dad I’m determined to step up my game in various areas of the blog. That means more posts, more reviews, more vlogs and even more, yes you guessed it…..LEGO!!!

Now the boy is fast approaching his 6th birthday (seriously where does time fly) he has really turned into a massive LEGO fan. Yes it may have been slightly influenced by yours truly and my LEGO love but equally what parent isn’t guilty of being slightly bias on some of the traits their children pick up… It all began when we first introduced him to LEGO Duplo which was perfect in his younger age as the bricks as so big its pretty much impossible to swallow them (*NOTE: This is in no way a disclaimer) as well as being easy to build with.

When I was lucky enough to be asked to review some of the LEGO sets just coming up to two years ago is when H’s LEGO love really started to blossom. H would sit and patiently watch me building them waiting for his chance to get stuck in and enjoy exploring the features, the mini figures, the moving parts and really immerse himself into the world of imaginative play. Over time he’s taken more of a hands on role and became my wing man (or wing augmentin medicine builder) helping to find the right bricks, parts and even build as much of the build as its attention span would allow. Now though he has more recently became a fully fledged builder having completed several of his favourite LEGO City sets during the Christmas period.

During that period between Christmas and New Year where nobody knows what day it is, I would regularly sneak downstairs in the morning hoping for a quiet cup of tea only to find H had beat me to it and was sitting on the living room floor undertaking another LEGO build. As much as I wanted to get stuck in with him, there was also a desire to sit back and watch him build as really appreciate both his love for the LEGO brick but also how much his ability to build had developed.

With that in mind and in keeping with the blog, I want to develop a LEGO section on here this year dedicated to all things LEGO…..LEGO News, LEGO Reviews, LEGO videos and more. I plan to create a separate section for this though as appreciate not all my readers will want to see the latest sets about to be released and therefore will only feature some of the stories on my main homepage with the rest available via a link for those, like us, obsessed with the bricks.


This is just the first of many new exciting additions to ONEDADONEBLOG this year but one I’m so excited about too.


Until Next Time

Jim x